Corrupt-a-Homa: Judicial Abuse in the Heartland, by Michelle Malkin

Corrupt-a-Homa: Judicial Abuse in the Heartland
by Michelle Malkin
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2nd in a continuous series on probate abuse; formerly: Blowing the Cover Off Probate Predators

Thanks to Britney Spears’ court fights over her hard-earned fortune, more Americans than ever in the past are discovering how predatory legal representatives, judges, physicians, conservators and guardians work together to defraud and ruin the lives of innocent victims.

The 39-year-old Spears went public recently with her 13-year-long struggle against her dad and court-appointed guardian Jamie Spears—who apparently wrested legal control over her work schedule, dating partners, capability to have kids, psychiatric medications, trips and even, according to one court file, what color she was enabled to pick for her cooking area cabinets. Britney Spears is not alone. A current Netflix film called “I Care a Lot” illustrated comparable rip-offs on a grand scale. However the probate abuse racket is not simply the things of Hollywood problems. Estates big and little are fleeced every day in this nation through a terrible legal procedure summarized by Boston Broadside investigative press reporter Lonnie Brennan: “isolate, medicate, liquidate.”

Recently, I kept in mind how the household of vocalist Nina Simone had actually blown the whistle on previous California Democrat Chief law officer and now-Vice President Kamala Harris’ function in a supposed probate abuse conspiracy that they are still battling to this day. The veep’s workplace did not react to my ask for remark. Political leaders in both celebrations have actually revealed troubling bipartisan lethargy towards senior targets and their enjoyed ones.

Take the case of Oklahoma GOP Gov. Kevin Stitt. In August 2019, Texas real estate agent Tonya Parks composed Stitt, then-state Chief law officer Mike Hunter, U.S. Sen. James Lankford and the FBI asking for an examination into judicial corruption connected to her late granny’s probate case in the Sooner State.

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Backed up by a sheaf of corroborating exhibitions, Parks declared that the lawyer for the estate, Roe Simmons, “lied to the court and told the court that my grandmother’s house had been sold for ten thousand dollars, when in truth it was sold for ($)16,000, presold for ($)35,000 … and re-sold for ($)115,000, without prior approval from the court, and without my mother (an heir) receiving proper notice.” Parks called the deal, which happened at the lawyer’s workplace, a “fictitious sale” that totaled up to “mortgage fraud.” Her household found out that previous Oklahoma County Judge Timothy Henderson intervened in the event by holding a personal ex parte conference with Simmons, who had actually formerly sponsored a project fundraising event for Henderson.

(In March, Henderson suddenly resigned in the middle of sexual misbehavior accusations including female Oklahoma County district attorneys.)

Parks likewise offered Stitt and other leading chosen authorities the records of her call with a constable’s deputy validating that Henderson directed the constable’s workplace to prepare a trumped-up misdemeanor criminal charge versus her senior dad for “threatening” Simmons in retaliation for her dad having actually exposed “fraud” and “embezzlement” relating to the sale of Parks’ departed granny’s home and personal effects. Shockingly, Parks mentioned, the call exposed that it was “commonplace” for Oklahoma judges and constables to take part in “improper collusion” to formulate criminal charges versus people.


Oklahoma GOP State Rep. Justin Humphrey has actually been examining supposed corruption in Oklahoma County and composed Stitt on June 2 about a “very likely pattern of judicial and court abuse in these cases.” He notified Stitt about the made arrest of previous Oklahoma lawyer Alex Bednar for presumably stopping working to appear in court in a foreclosure case. “Court documents clearly show his case was not set on the date he is accused of failing to appear,” Humphrey discovered. “It also seems abundantly clear that court documents have been altered to cover up a wrongful arrest” after Bednar blew the whistle on disgraced Henderson’s “judicial misconduct and improper sexual misconduct with a district attorney employee.”

Additionally, Humphrey notified Stitt: “It appears this judge met with the bar association, and may very well have coordinated inappropriate activity to affect Mr. Bednar’s law license.” Bednar had actually formerly composed [Oklahoma Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Darby] in March [and informed Stitt’s office] on his understanding of district lawyers who have “regularly texted judges in Oklahoma County” ex parte, “abusing their position at the courthouse to influence the outcome of litigation.”

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This is the suggestion of a Corrupt-a-Homa iceberg. Long time readers of this column will remember that Henderson was likewise the judge at the center of prohibited ex parte “secret hearings” in the wrongful conviction case of previous Oklahoma City law enforcement officer Daniel Holtzclaw. (More here and here.) As soon as once again, Oklahoma elites perpetuate oppression in the name of justice. It’s time for outdoors intervention.

Will Stitt do the best thing? I’ve connected to his workplace for remark. Maybe he’ll return to me prior to Kamala Harris does. Stay tuned.

Update: I likewise connected to Roe Simmons’ workplace for remark. Since 10pm Eastern 6/30/21, his workplace had actually not reacted, either.

Update: READ Bednar June 2, 2021 letter to Gov. Stitt

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.