Control studio Remedy is making a free-to-play shooter with Tencent

Treatment has actually exposed the very first brand-new information on its approaching multiplayer shooter. The video game, which is presently codenamed Lead, will be a free-to-play shooter and will be released in collaboration with Tencent.

Lead will be a co-op PvE shooter that “combines Remedy’s narrative expertise and action gameplay into an immersive multiplayer experience,” the business stated in its statement. The video game will be established utilizing the Unreal Engine and will mark Treatment Home entertainment’s very first venture into establishing a games-as-service title.

The group behind the video game was put together by Treatment all the method back in 2018, particularly to develop a continuous live-multiplayer video game, the studio stated. According to the statement, Lead is presently in the proof-of-concept phase — to put it simply, it’s still quite early in advancement. When it’s launched, Lead will be released by Treatment in all non-Asia markets, where it will be localized and released by Tencent. The brand-new collaboration likewise gives Tencent the rights to a develop a mobile variation of Lead too.

This brand-new shooter isn’t the only project that Remedy has in the works. The developer is also working on a new story mode for the free-to-play shooter CrossfireX, which it revealed a new trailer for earlier this month.

Along with these more shooter-focused games, Remedy is also getting back to its own IP with its recently revealed sequel, Alan Wake 2. That will be the developer’s first true sequel since Max Payne 2, which launched in 2003. Vanguard also isn’t the only multiplayer title that Remedy has in the works, as the company announced a multiplayer spinoff to Control earlier this year.

The collaboration announcement does not mention a potential release date for Lead (or whatever its genuine title will be), however the video game will be readily available on PC and consoles when it gets here.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.