Control is getting a multiplayer spinoff and sequel

Control, a computer game loaded with odd things that nobody can actually describe, is getting a spinoff that is appropriately mysterious: a multiplayer video game.

Called Task Condor by designer Treatment Home entertainment, the video game will be a 4-player player-vs-environment (PvE) co-op video game embeded in the world of Control. Besides that really Left 4 Dead-sounding category descriptor, information are little. A post from Mikael Kasurinen, video game director of the Control franchise, stresses the “world” part, keeping in mind that Control lead character Jesse Faden’s journey into the Oldest Home was simply a little part of that world which Condor is an expression of just how much larger it can be. Kasurinen likewise shared this little bit of idea art, which Kasurinen claims “tells pretty well what Condor is about.”

Three FBC workers and a body bag sit on a waiting bench in concept art for Condor, the Control multiplayer spinoff

Image: Treatment Home Entertainment

That might be a joke.

Likewise hid in the Condor statement was a contract with 505 video games to release a “a bigger-budget Control-game, to be agreed in more detail in the future,” which is the very first main declaration from Treatment about a Control follow up. All we understand now is that it will be more pricey, that makes sense, as dealing with sentient structures and extradimensional entities tends to have a method of adding a tab.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.