Conor McGregor doesn’t dismiss fight vs. Jake Paul

Jake Paul might get his dream after all. MMA legend Conor McGregor didn’t dismiss a potential battle with Paul, saying “We’ll see what happens” when asked about the subject.

McGregor made that comment during an interview with BT Sport that was released Wednesday. McGregor is asked about “YouTubers calling [McGregor] out” around the 19:57 mark. He responds by saying, “It is what it is. We’ll see what happens.”

McGregor also criticizes Paul, calling him a “confused little kid.” A few sentences later, McGregor throws some cold water on the battle, stating, “It’s not on the radar at the minute.”

Still, McGregor didn’t say “no.” While it doesn’t seem like a battle between McGregor and Paul will happen soon, McGregor might eventually be open to the fight.

Jake Paul says he’ll fight again April 17

Paul created some buzz Wednesday after announcing he would return to the ring April 17. Paul did not announce his opponent for that fight, leading some to wonder whether McGregor actually agreed to take on Paul. If McGregor’s comments are true, it doesn’t appear Paul will fight McGregor in April.

Paul — a YouTuber turned boxer — called out McGregor in December, offering McGregor $50,000 for a battle. UFC president Dana White dismissed the idea, suggesting Paul step into the ring with Amanda Nunes. While that probably won’t take place, Nunes is up for it.

Paul is fresh off a win against former NBA guard Nate Robinson in November. Though Paul won, the battle was mocked by viewers and called a “joke” by at least one professional fighter.

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