Common Causes of Snoring

There are many causes of snoring. However, the reasons for the snoring can vary from person to person. This article looks at common causes of snoring.

* You may be prone to snoring. There is a chance that you have this condition, or maybe even you are unaware of it. Your lifestyle can be to blame for snoring as being overweight, smoking, and drinking alcohol can all contribute to a problem with snoring.

* Have you had surgery to correct snoring? For some people this may be the best treatment for the snoring issue. Snoring can prevent the sounds of breathing in your ear from being heard. It will prevent a person from relaxing their throat, which can lead to blocked airways.

* If you are losing weight. The reduction of excess fat in the body can also lead to the snoring problem. If the excess fat in the abdomen is not removed then the chance of snoring may increase. This is particularly so if you are obese.

* Lack of sleep. When you sleep, your body needs time to recharge and heal itself. When this energy is not able to flow through your system effectively then snoring is likely to occur.

* Lack of physical activity. It is well known that you can lose a lot of weight, but what about other parts of your body? A lack of exercise coupled with too much food intake can result in a condition like obesity.

* Smoking. Smoking is known to be one of the main causes of snoring. Studies have shown that smokers are more likely to snore than non-smokers.

* Digestion problems. Some foods that you eat can cause your body to produce mucus. This mucus is not good for your lungs as it will clog up the airways, which leads to snoring.

* Bed wetting. People who have a tendency to snore often have an excessive amount of saliva and this can make it difficult for them to get into a proper position. The bed wetting may also be caused by constipation. Both of these conditions can cause the blood to pool in the upper airway and prevent the air from flowing freely.

* Overweight. Being overweight increases the chances of snoring as you may not be able to breathe properly when you are asleep. Excess weight puts pressure on the throat and reduces the ability of the throat to work properly.

* Position of the head. If you are laying on your back, your mouth and throat may be open and this will increase the chances of snoring. If you are asleep on your side, this will force your tongue forward and cause you to keep the mouth open.

It is worth remembering that snoring does not only occur when you are sleeping. Therefore, if you already suffer from snoring then you should take steps to prevent it.