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Columbus fitness experts give tips on how to keep moving in winter

Not only will exercising in the winter keep you in shape and prevent you from gaining weight, but it will be beneficial to your heart health. Ruben Benitez, from Charlotte, North Carolina, is spotted while performing a dumbbell bench press by Kenny Smith, from Rock Hill, South Carolina, at The Pro’s Gym Downtown. Benitez and Smith were traveling for work and dropped in to work out.

As days get shorter and the weather gets colder, Ohioans will be forced indoors —even many who spend their time exercising outside.

While the change in seasons makes it more challenging to stay active, experts told The Dispatch there are many ways people can ensure they keep moving through winter months and into spring.

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“We know that people are less active in the winter in Columbus,” said Julie Wilkes, a local fitness expert and motivational coach. “In general (the weather is) less motivating for people.”

With that in mind, here’s how central Ohioans can stay active indoors as winter arrives.

Join a gym

One of the easiest ways to keep exercising when going outdoors isn’t an option is getting a gym membership.

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