CoD: Warzone’s zombies are moving even further into Verdansk 

The sluggish and stable infection of Call of Responsibility: Warzone’s map continues. In the video game’s most current upgrade, the zombies, which have actually been intruding on Verdansk for the last a number of weeks, continued their march and made it all the method to the bank in the central-southern location of the map.

As with each previous undead advance, this one consisted of a brand-new rundown on the Call of Responsibility site, with an in-universe upgrade on the zombies’ development. While the formerly contaminated locations like the Shipwreck, Jail Complex, and Verdansk Health center appear to be cleared, the in-game commanders don’t appear to have a theory regarding where the zombies are going or what their objective is.

As with the previous infection zones, gamers can head to these locations and get the zombies within to make additional money and much better weapons. Obviously, you’ll require to be cautious considering that you’ll need to handle other gamers in addition to the zombies.

While it definitely appears like the zombie crowds will ultimately make their method throughout the whole map, there’s no informing what may take place after that. Maybe some brand-new federal government group or job force will be employed to clean them out, or possibly we’ll wind up with a completely brand-new and damaged variation of Verdansk after the zombies are bombed out of presence.

Call of Responsibility: Black Ops Cold War is set to get a huge mid-season spot often next week, which might likewise be the very first time we find out about what else season 2 might hold for Warzone.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.