Cobra Kai season 3 ending raises 4 key questions for season 4

Netflix provided the greenlight to a 4th season Cobra Kai in October, so fans sweeping the legs of season 3, which premiered over the New Year’s weekend, did so understanding there was more story to come. However with numerous cameos and callbacks currently made, and an ending more nuanced than a straight-up cliffhanger, what does it leave for season 4, precisely?

[Ed. note: Spoilers for the entirety of Cobra Kai season 3 follow.]

Cobra Kai episode 10 ends with Johnny’s dojo of exiles training together with Daniel’s charges at Miyagi-do HQ. Kreese, on the other hand, has complete control of Cobra Kai, with Tory as his second-in-command, and Johnny’s kid Robby signing up with the group out of spite. Daniel, at last, kicked Kreese’s ass in the Cobra Kai dojo, however was not able to have him kicked out from stated facilities. Kreese has actually likewise employed backup, army friend and rich benefactor Terry Silver, whose character go back to the lesser-known The Karate Kid Part III from 1989.

We’ll now discuss what Cobra Kai season 4 has actually delegated deal with, and what else it may provide, following the very first 3 seasons’ formula of adult issues, teenage intrigue, callbacks to the initial films, and great old-fashioned combating.

a muscular POW raises his hand at gunpoint to volunteer for a fight to the death

Caught by the North Vietnamese, Kreese’s system is required to combat to the death for their captors’ home entertainment, Kreese (here played by Barrett Carnahan) volunteers to combat their C.O., sparing Terry Silver, who ends up being a rich benefactor later on in their lives.
Image: Overbrook Entertainment/Netflix

New (old) bad person: Terry Silver

In Kreese’s bananas origin story from season 3, Silver is exposed to have actually belonged to Kreese’s Unique Forces system, caught by the North Vietnamese after a messed up sabotage operation. The NVA requires its POWs to combat, in sets, to the death above an actual snake pit. Kreese actions in for Silver when his name’s called, conserving Silver’s life. Then Kreese eliminates their C.O., even when a surprise air campaign frees the camp mid-bout. This puts Silver in Wookiee life-debt to Kreese, therefore we see Kreese calling up Silver to make great on that in Season 3.

Silver in fact has a 30-year history in The Karate Kid universe. In 1989’s The Karate Kid Part 3, he hatched an intricate, lengthy strategy to rig the All-Valley last and challenge Daniel and Mr. Miyagi while doing so. Clearly, it didn’t work, however Silver obviously still has cash and an animosity. Watchful fans who in fact saw the 1989 film most likely acknowledged his name when the competition board in season 1 asked Johnny what his relationship was to Terry Silver. And when Daniel, at the end of season 3, discusses that he too was as soon as Cobra Kai, it referrals the occasions of The Karate Kid Part 3 and how Silver enticed him into that dojo.

Silver’s just been an off-camera existence up until now, however if he’s returning in Season 4, chances are great that initial star Thomas Ian Griffith will return, although he’s had no TELEVISION or movie functions because 2006. However he’s still a tae kwon do black belt IRL.

Less particular is whether Silver’s loose-cannon protegé, Mike Barnes, returns. Don’t rule anything out, and getting star Sean Kanan undoubtedly won’t be as difficult as getting Elisabeth Shue to come house for Season 3, however there’s very little of a requirement to offer Johnny and Daniel another villain their age.

Hook-ups and splits


Image: Netflix

It appears like Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) and Samantha (Mary Mouser) are back to making goo-goo eyes at each other once again, leaving their competitors, Tory (Peyton List) and Robby (Tanner Buchanan), to discover some type of distressed love on the rebound. Both duos likewise have the 3rd match in a best-of-three series showing up.

Miguel whooped an injured Robby in competition last of Season 1, and Robby paralyzed Miguel at the end of season 2. Tory scarred Sam, both physically and mentally, in the high school melee, and Sam beat her with a stick throughout the Kai’s house intrusion of the season 3 ending.

The concern here: Who gets the champion bout at the All-Valley? The competition does have female and male departments (we saw Aisha Robinson defending Cobra Kai in season 1). We’re unsure if they do mixed-gender competitors, however. So most likely both sets of competitors will go the range, as it supplies the type of thorough defeat that would require the losing dojo out of town by sundown.

Somewhere Else, Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane) recuperated from her front wedgie at the canyon celebration in season 1 (she was missing for all of season 2) and is now the unwilling, however incredibly encouraging sweetheart of Demetri (Gianni Decenzo). Yas is buddies with Moon (Hannah Kepple), and with Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) defecting to Miyagi-do, that most likely puts those 2 back together. (Hippie-child Moon didn’t look after Hawk’s significantly ruthless shenanigans with Cobra Kai.)

Kyler (Joe Seo), who was Sam’s initial sweetheart (and Miguel’s initial tormentor) likewise returned for season 3, and was hired to Cobra Kai by Kreese. He and Miyagi-do lieutenants Demetri and Hawk will likely represent the majority of the combating in the run-up to the competition, although Miguel did clean the lunchroom flooring with him in season 1, and those 2 may run that a person back.

Brand-new dojo, brand-new name?

Johnny (William Zabka) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) look at something in shock off camera

Image: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

Johnny (William Zabka) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) have actually lastly come together, unified in their desire to rid the galaxy of Kreese (Martin Kove). Don’t anticipate the honeymoon to last long. There’s excessive product to work with, from who will lead their brand-new combined karate group, to what design the fighters will or must pursue (Miyagi-do vs. Method of the Fist), and even what the club’s name must be.

Johnny showed up with “Eagle Fang” for his karate-in-the-park classes, a name that intentionally seems like a Dökken homage band. Miyagi-do, nevertheless, may be a little too hippy-dippy for Johnny’s kick-ass visual. Season 4 needs to offer Daniel and Johnny this and many other distinctions to put aside. However the program’s authors appear to comprehend the fan appeal when they legally collaborate, look after each other, and toss down. They don’t need another impromptu double-date with their S/O’s though. After three (in each of the first three seasons), that device has been used enough.

What about Robby?

Robby in a detention center looking like frickin’ James Dean

Image: Netflix

Say this for Robby Keene: He’s earned his heel turn. Keene’s been used and abused by just about everyone who crosses his path, and he has had plenty enough. In Season 3, he does time in juvie hall for the fight that paralyzed Miguel — and he was put there when former mentor Daniel lured him into the open and got him arrested. Robby’s also been pissed at his father, Johnny, for the past three years, and for very good reason. Johnny has poured more effort into his relationships with Miguel, Carmen, Daniel, and anyone not named Robby Keene than he has his own son.

That makes it really hard to just patch up his differences with a heart-to-heart (or a good ass kicking) with the adults in his life. But if Netflix isn’t sure about a Season 5 for Cobra Kai, the authors may not get much time or room to put things right. Robby could instead go a lot darker, and be a glowering Karate Anakin — corrupted, brutal, dangerous, and the enemy no doubt, but not without some sympathy. Tory, as his love interest, got a lot of humanizing in Season 3, too. We see that she works two jobs (after getting expelled from school) to care for her sick mother and younger brother. She’s mean and bitter because there’s no adult in her life to support her, either.

When will Cobra Kai season 4 launch?

Cobra Kai Seasons 1 and 2 premiered in the spring of 2018 and 2019, and Season 3 simply struck Netflix on Jan. 1. Netflix bought a 4th season in October. We’ll most likely see Season 4 in late fall at the earliest, and a year from now at the likeliest, if the pandemic doesn’t postpone production even more.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.