CNN’s Erin Burnett Rips Republicans Who Think 1/6 Was a False Flag

The presidency of Donald Trump included a variety of genuinely horrible minutes. However the worst or the worst was the January sixth insurrection influenced by Trump’s incorrect election claims.

Rather than taking responsibility for what happened on that day, the anchors of Fox News are looking to blame anyone but Trump. Last night, Tucker Carlson claimed the insurrection was an FBI influenced incorrect flag operation.

During her Thursday night show, Erin Burnett slammed Carlson and all the GOP lawmakers going along with that line of reasoning. She told her audience:

“Tucker Carlson is now saying the FBI was part of the riot guilty of assaulting America’s Capitol? This is an incredible thing to say. It is incredibly irresponsible. Of course, members of Congress who refuse to admit their actions and Trump actions leading up to January 6th, were the real cause of the insurrection that day, and they have picked up on this new, baseless theory, rushing to it.”

The CNN host continued, “This is making something completely up and then telling people that they have to prove that you’re wrong, as opposed to telling you you’re crazy. Officers did not lie in wait planning to execute innocent bystanders. There was violence. It was perpetrated by the people there, the rioters, some of whom had weapons including metal pipes. They were the violent ones, not the officers trying to defend those in Congress and the Capitol itself.”

Of course, the idea that anybody other than Trump was to blame for 1/6 is insane. But Conservative lawmakers and those in the right-wing media have no recourse however to blame others.


Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.