Cleveland Heights salon leading the charge by not pricing services based on gender

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — Shawn Paul is the co-owner of Shawn Paul’s Beauty salon in Cleveland Heights. He stated he prides himself on making everybody, and anybody, feel gorgeous and the truest variations of themselves when they leave his hair salon.

“We want everyone who walks in this door to feel welcome and feel loved,” he stated.

However standard beauty parlors, can sometimes, feel anything however inviting for members of the LGBTQ neighborhood.

“A salon puts you in a binary role. You’re getting a women’s cut, or a men’s cut,” he stated. “Salons have always been set up to be male or female and it’s ridiculous because that’s just not how the human population works anymore.”

Beauty salons, usually, count on gender recognition to figure out the rate of a service, however Paul’s hair salon has actually made a modification: the length of hair figures out the rate of the service which’s it.

“When we switched our format, we added barber cuts, that means we are going to use clippers. Short cuts can be on any human, it’s just a technical length of what we are doing. Medium, long hair, any human,” he stated. “ I’m not sure how the gender binary came to be in our industry but it never needed to be. It should’ve always been about skill and length.”

Daniel Hamilton with the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland stated the hair market is among the only markets in which the rate of service is figured out by gender.

“There’s always that risk that someone’s going to be perceived as a gender that they don’t identify with. Or, if somebody is non-binary or doesn’t pertain to the typical look of a woman or a man, that can be really challenging to distinguish what services they are going to be provide,” stated Hamilton.

To Hamilton, the relocation makes good sense for everybody and develops a fairer rates system. Paul stated they’ve constantly charged based upon the service supplied, now, it’s simply main.

“We’ve had guests for years make comments like ‘yes I am a female and you’re charging me for this women’s haircut, even though I’m getting a buzz cut,’ so we’ve always adjusted our prices to the cut,” he stated.

Paul hopes the modification develops a more inclusive Northeast Ohio.

“We want everyone who walks in this door to feel welcome and feel loved, and that’s our mission,” he stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.