Classic Star Wars Legends books are getting re-released with new covers

The Star Wars Legends books might not be canon any longer, however they’re still house to a few of the very best and most cherished stories in the Star Wars universe, which is why a few of them are getting brand-new re-releases. In event of Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary, a few of the very best Star Wars Legends books are getting brand-new trade paperback editions, total with brand-new cover art, Del Rey Books revealed Friday.

The brand-new run of books will become part of what Del Rey and Lucasfilm are calling “The Essential Legends Collection.” The brand-new line will draw in a few of the fan-favorite books from the last 40 years of Star Wars books. The very first batch of books in the brand-new collection will consist of 3 classics: Beneficiary to the Empire, Course of Damage, and Shatterpoint.

Beneficiary to the Empire (1991), by Timothy Zahn, stays perhaps the most well-known of the timeless Legends books, and, as the very first book in the Thrawn trilogy, presents Grand Admiral Thrawn to the Star Wars universe. Course of Damage (2006) is the very first book in Drew Karpyshyn’s Darth Bane trilogy. Bane was a Sith Lord from the days of the Old Republic who initially produced the Sith’s Guideline of 2. Matthew Stover’s Shatterpoint (2003) is a Clone Wars-era book that follows Mace Windu as he ends up being involved in a war on earth Haruun Kal.

While these are the very first 3 books being launched, they aren’t the only ones prepared by Lucasfilm and Del Rey. The publishers didn’t offer any information on what will follow, besides stating that more books would be presented to the Important Legends Collection, which it would be “smart” to release books 2 and 3 for both the Thrawn and Darth Bane trilogies. In the event that your preferred Star Wars Legends book doesn’t make it into the Fundamentals Collection, don’t fret. Del Rey still prepares to continue releasing other Legends books, simply as it constantly has — even if the books aren’t canon.

The brand-new editions of all 3 books will be offered beginning on June 15.

the first three books in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars’ Essential Legends Collection: Heir to the Empire. Path of Destruction, and Shatterpoint

Image: Lucasfilm/Del Rey Books

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