Classic French Onion Soup –

French Onion Soup is made the timeless method with a tasty caramelized onion soup topped with a toasted baguette and gooey melted Gruyere cheese. This soup is a dining establishment preferred!

French onion soup in a soup bowl.

It is soup weather condition in The Remain at House Chef house today. November and December can be stealthily warm, and after that January hits and we remember what winter seasons in the midwest truly appear like. We are cooled to the bone, and long for soup for months on end up until spring lastly shows up. Not just is French onion soup wonderfully warm in this winter, it is so tasty and hearty with a toasted baguette and our preferred gruyere cheese on the top! You are not going to wish to miss this one!

French onion soup is a meal that goes beyond class and socioeconomic status. In 18th century France, standard onion soup was particularly common in bad neighborhoods, where onions were inexpensive and in abundance. Dining establishments dressed up that standard onion soup by including cheese and after that positioning the bowls under the broiler, widening its interest the well off neighborhoods in Paris and developing the timeless French Onion Soup we understand today. It ultimately made its method to New york city and ended up being hugely popular in the 1960s along with all French Food. 

  • What bread is best for French Onion Soup?

    We believe that a great quality French baguette simply can’t be beat in this dish. Nevertheless, any craftsmen bread need to work, and we’ve even seen croutons utilized! The higher the quality of your bread or croutons, the better this will taste.

  • Dry Sherry: Optional

    The use of dry sherry is completely optional in this recipe. You can substitute with white wine if you simply don’t have access to sherry. You can also omit the alcohol entirely. 

  • What kind of bowls can I use for individual servings?

    A broiler-safe and deep bowl is the name of the game with French Onion Soup. If you’ve never utilized your soup bowls under the broiler and they don’t say oven/broiler safe, you will want to find something else to use. We’re a big fan of the traditional soup crocks or large ramekins.

    If you do not have oven-safe bowls, you can simply put your cheeses onto your toasted French bread slices and melt under the broiler to make little cheesy toasts. When your soup is ready to serve, ladle soup into regular soup bowls and top with your cheesy toasts. 

  • Make-Ahead Instructions:

    You can prepare your soup earlier in the day or the night before and refrigerate. When you are getting ready to serve, reheat it on the stovetop and then proceed with toasting your bread and adding the cheese and broiling.

A soup bowl filled with French onion soup.

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