Civil War veteran laid to rest 100 years after death

PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (KMTV) — Born in Ohio, Benton C. Kinkead combated in the Union Army throughout the Civil War, taking part in renowned occasions like the Fight of Shiloh. Throughout the War, he got shot, hurt and caught.

“He returned to Marietta, Ohio,” American Legion Post 56 member Michael Pauly stated. “And in 1864, and by 1871, had met and married his wife, Cynthia. Cynthia Vest.”

Kinkead and his partner had 2 children and transferred to Plattsmouth.

“He had a career in house painting, his wife died and suddenly, in 1910, he immigrated to Seattle to live with his grown children and by 1916 had succumbed to low-bar pneumonia,” Pauly stated.

For factors unidentified to anybody his cremated stays remained in Washington at a funeral house. They were never ever gathered or returned to Plattsmouth for burial given that his partner was put to rest at Oak Hill Cemetery.

“It wasn’t until the Missing in America group found his ashes, found out the resting place for his wife, and they returned the ashes here to Plattsmouth,” Pauly stated.

American Legion members like Pauly and Kermit Reisdorph felt obliged to honor a hero who was committed to keeping this country together.

“When his remains showed up here after 105 years of sitting on a shelf, as veterans, we felt compelled to find a final resting place for him,” Pauly stated.

For Pauly this procession offers us a telescope into our own history.

“History doesn’t stop or begin with one particular person, it’s only a benchmark of where we are, and we can look at these benchmarks and judge who we become based on where those benchmarks are,” Pauly stated.

Reisdorph feels an appropriate burial for Kinkead is the least a neighborhood can do to state “thank you” and to lastly “rest in peace.”

“Makes me feel full gratitude that he is buried, not only as a veteran, but he’s actually reunited with his wife after 111 years,” Reisdorph stated.

Here is a link to the Missing out on in America task.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.