City announces new proposal to combat homelessness

SOUTH FLEX, Ind.—Browsing the homeless issues in the city of South Bend has actually been a long procedure, dealt with numerous obstacles and absence of resources. In effort to attempt and break down those barriers, Mayor Mueller formed the Homelessness Application Group in August of 2020.

“We know that homelessness is one of those issues that’s multifaceted and extremely challenging to address and so we need to a make sure that we have community solutions and have all the relevant people who can assist us as we move a strategy forward,” South Bend Mayor James Mueller stated.

For the numerous months, Mayor Mueller and his group, have actually come together to produce the very best methods to bring more assistance to the homeless neighborhood.

“When you’re left on the streets it’s hard for you to fully reach your potential,” Mayor Mueller stated.

On Monday night, the real estate group brought a list of 4 suggestions to South Bend Common Council. The very first suggestion, long-term helpful real estate methods. The city of South Bend, just having one long-term helpful real estate advancement currently, so this suggestion, is created for individuals who have a tough time accessing services and bring more to the location.

The 2nd, a real estate trust fund. Financing for advancement, is likewise very little and minimal in the city. Having long-term funds would produce a steady system of real estate resources to any homeless individual.

The 3rd, an advocacy project. This would include a group to go to communities and other locations like churches with academic discussions about homeless problems. All of this, to assist expose any incorrect misconceptions about homelessness.

Lastly, the 4th suggestion, is having a homeless supervisor to work entirely on homeless problems in the city.

Over the previous year, the number of homeless individuals in the county have actually increased. Mayor Mueller states, according to current information, there’s over 500 homeless individuals now in St. Joseph County.

“When the numbers look like they’re increasing. As we’re trying to address the issues we have currently that just compounds the problem because it’s growing over time,” Mayor Mueller stated.

So, getting these suggestions authorized would be a significant action towards supplying them the aid they require to live.

“Housing is something that is a basic need. Like food water and shelter is right there and we need to work to get our residents into a safe and sheltered environment, not for their own good but for the good of the community as well,” Mayor Mueller stated.

The suggestions haven’t been authorized right now, however in the coming months the real estate group will go to the typical council once again to ideally have everything set in stone.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.