Ciryl Gane now comfortable fighting ex-teammate Francis Ngannou, willing to wait for shot

LAS VEGAS – Ciryl Gane believes his UFC Battle Night 190 centerpiece win over Alexander Volkov strengthened his position to challenge for the heavyweight title, and he’s willing to await the chance.

Gane (9-0 Mixed Martial Arts, 6-0 UFC) continued the strong start to his profession Saturday when he outworked Volkov (33-9 Mixed Martial Arts, 7-3 UFC) to a clear consentaneous choice in the headliner at the UFC Pinnacle. In spite of just turning expert in August 2018, “Bon Gamin” has actually rapidly turned into an elite competitor.

There have actually been concerns about whether Gane’s push has actually been too fast, however each time he gets a viewed test, he passes with flying colors. He stated he’s now prepared to challenge for UFC gold.

“I think today I proved it,” Gane informed Mixed Martial Arts Addict post-fight at UFC Battle Night 190. “I don’t need another fight for the title shot. I think this guy Volkov was a really great challenge to prove it, and I proved it. I did it. So, tomorrow, yes, if the UFC want to match me for the title shot, I’m ready.”

In a lot of departments, Gane’s body of work would put him right in line for the belt. Heavyweight isn’t among those weight classes however, and Gane might possibly be 3rd in the line to challenge champ Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou (16-3 Mixed Martial Arts, 11-2 UFC) is anticipated to safeguard his title versus Derrick Lewis in September. Then there’s a hope from much of the Mixed Martial Arts neighborhood that Jon Jones will challenge the winner. Former champion Stipe Miocic also is in the mix.

If Jones can’t strike a deal with the UFC to fight the Ngannou vs. Lewis winner, then perhaps Gane could move to the front of the line. There are no guarantees, but as of now he said he’s willing to sit on the sidelines and wait to see how the situation unfolds.

“I think we can wait,” Gane said. “This will give us time to improve in some department of myself. So I can wait, and I have a baby coming next month.”

Whenever Gane’s opportunity does come around, it would seem a matchup against Ngannou would be the biggest potential fight, since the pair are former teammates and got their starts in Mixed Martial Arts with the same gym in France.

Fighting Ngannou isn’t something Gane was super keen on during his rise up, however he thinks the stars now have aligned, and he’s ready to put personal feelings aside for the stakes of a UFC title.

“I’m comfortable with this matchup if this matchup is going to happen,” Gane stated. “Now, for title, I’m really comfortable with this situation because we was born in the same gym. Before, it was a little bit (uncomfortable), you know? Now I’m comfortable. We’re going to fight for the belt. This is beautiful for us, for me, for him and my coach.”


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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.