Chris Gethard’s highly addictive ‘Beautiful/Anonymous’ podcast hits 250 episodes

Given that those discussions initially began in 2016, Gethard has actually spoken with a female who found her pal killed somebody, a caller whose other half cheated for several years with her friend, a puppet master, a female in a hareem, an individual who invests their extra time impersonated a pirate, a guy consumed with Groundhog Day, and a person with a laugh like a clown horn.

These are simply a few of the incredible life stories you hear on “Beautiful/Anonymous,” which commemorates its 250th episode on Tuesday.

“I’m just really proud of the [show’s] spectrum because I think even the darkest [episodes], you always see at least a handful of comments from people who have been through something similar,” Gethard informed CNN in a current interview. “I think even the darkest ones provide a little bit of people feeling less alone and less isolated, like there’s a bigger world out there that they get to hear a little bit about.”

Though initially Gethard did not evaluate his callers, he ultimately understood he required aid to guarantee topic range and enhance audio connections.

“While it led to a lot of episodes that kind of went in a lot of surprising directions, what we found was it also led to a lot of situations where people would be calling with like horrific phone connections or I’d be sitting there, like, ‘are you standing in a hurricane?’ Gethard laughed.

But he does not overproduce the show, Gethard said, he just seeks to offer people a platform to discuss a broad spectrum of life experiences in their own words.

“If you listen to the very first handful of episodes, that quite seems like [I’m] a therapist. And my own therapist really actioned in and informed me like, ‘Hey, you’re not trained to providing individuals guidance, not to mention, when there resembles a hundred thousand individuals listening to it,” Gethard recalled. “That really made me recognize, all right, I do not require to attempt to fix an individual’s issue. That was an eye opening discussion. I may be a comic by trade — and I do believe we handled to discover a minimum of a number of laughs, even in the darkest episode — however my top priority can’t be getting the joke out.”

What he will do, Gethard said, is step in if the person sounds nervous or has lost their train of thought.

“Let me action in here and make a joke so they can breathe and feel more comfy or require a 2nd recuperate,” he explained.

“I have this actually special job that I never ever anticipated where I have this viewpoint to keep in mind that everyone and anyone I might satisfy on the street should have some compassion, some attention and some presumption,” Gethard said. “That’s the important things the program has actually provided me, is it has actually trained me to simply presume that the people that I enter into contact with are layered intriguing individuals with viewpoints and life experiences.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.