Chinese police shut down “world’s largest” video game cheating ring

The huge tech corporation Tencent and Chinese authorities teamed up to close down what the authorities referred to as the “world’s largest” operation devoted to offering computer game cheats.

Pointing out regional media reports, the BBC reported that the business offered cheats for popular video games like Overwatch and Call of Responsibility Mobile. Regional authorities stated that the group, called Chicken Drumstick, offered cheats to “hundreds of countries and regions” through a site. Authorities apparently took around $46 million in properties — consisting of high-end automobiles — and apprehended 10 individuals in connection with the ring. The operation apparently offered memberships costing as much as $10 daily or $200 a month, for profits of $76 million.

This isn’t the very first time Tencent has actually teamed up with the authorities to bust unfaithful. In 2018, the business began punishing individuals cheating in PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields.

Authorities explained the company as the “world’s biggest” unfaithful operation due to the large amounts of cash and video games included.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.