Chicago Vaccine Angels: Benjamin Kagan, 14, creates database helping hundreds track down COVID-19 vaccine appointments

CHICAGO (WLS) — For lots of people, the course to getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a long and winding roadway.

However Benjamin Kagan of Chicago Vaccine Angels is taking the legwork out of it for those who do not have the time, resources, or computer system knowledge to find a dosage.

The 14-year-old locate where and when vaccines are readily available and makes consultations for individuals on a waiting list.

“It’s a great feeling being able to help people. I personally helped 115 people,” stated Kagan.

Kagan initially found he had a propensity for browsing the vaccine system when he assisted his grandparents who reside in Florida. On winter season break at the time, he invested hours from another location browsing that state’s different sites and lastly got them consultations.

“I just kept trying,” stated Kagan. “We had four computers open and we were trying on all of them and I just got lucky.”

Then, Kagan found out about a group called Vaccine Hunters. He offered with the Chicago chapter initially, using suggestions on how to find the vaccine.

“I started getting all these private messages saying, Benjamin we need help, Benjamin, I can’t book it myself, Benjamin, help me please,” he stated.

Kagan made a spreadsheet of an ever-growing list of individuals requiring vaccines and locations where dosages are readily available.

He stated he discovered them by searching sites for drug stores and supermarket, specifically late in the evening. That database assisted him begin his own group, Chicago Vaccine Angels.

“He has a huge heart,” stated his mom Ali Kagan. “He is a kid who’s always had a huge heart, has a lot of time and love for his grandparents and I think this translates out because he realizes how hard it is, particularly for seniors.”

It was likewise difficult for Ashley Novoa, whose work in the neighborhood takes her in and out of shelters. She protected the vaccine with Kagan’s assistance.

“We have these people who are stepping up and then a teenager at that, who could be outside doing things with his friends. So it’s amazing,” stated Novoa.

“It’s just an incredibly gratifying feeling to be able to say I helped this person. I may have saved their life,” stated Kagan.

Kagan stated he wishes to see simply one site that notes all the locations in the location that use vaccines and times they’re readily available.

In the meantime, he stated he mores than happy to do what he can to assist.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.