Cher rescued an elephant then sang him ‘My Way’

Now streaming on Paramount+ in honor of Earth Day, the movie takes audiences through the vocalist’s journey to conserve and safeguard a 36-year-old elephant called Kaavan from captivity in Pakistan last November.

Kaavan was talented by the Sri Lankan federal government to Pakistan quickly after his birth in 1985 and was put in a zoo. He was disregarded, with his legs shackled, and his physical and psychological health weakened.

Samar Khan, a vet from the United States, began a petition to complimentary Kaavan. Cher looked out to it as it accumulated almost 500,000 signatures, and understood she needed to do something.

“All of a sudden, people started texting me this picture of an elephant with his nose pressed against a wall in this tiny little space,” Cher remembered in an interview with U.S.A. Today for the job. “(The petition) didn’t go away and I found myself thinking, ‘Obviously this came to me for a reason.’ ”

She launched a tune motivated by Kaavan called “Walls,” and co-founded an animal rights company, Free the Wild.

As attention grew, a legal representative in Pakistan won a lawsuit approving Kaavan’s release after the zoo declined to launch him.

4 years after she began her battle, Cher wished to fulfill him. She flew to Pakistan, where she sang him a tune.

“Everything seemed like it was happening so quickly,” she stated. “It was another area, it was a place I was kind of nervous of and there was a huge pandemic. It was surreal. While I was packing, I kept going, ‘Am I really going to be doing this? Is this really gonna happen?’ And then I just finally thought, ‘Shut up. You’ve been doing this for four years. I don’t care what happens — I’m going.’ ”

She fed him watermelon and serenaded him with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Kaavan is now living at a Cambodian wildlife sanctuary and is actually delighted.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.