Check out the original Thunderhawk Gunship, Warhammer 40K’s most ridiculous model

Games Workshop gets a great deal of sorrow for the expense of its Warhammer 40,000 tabletop minis video game. Couple of will argue that its designs aren’t amongst the most extremely comprehensive and enthusiastic on the marketplace today, however there was a time when even Games Workshop went a bit overboard. I’m speaking about the famous Thunderhawk Gunship, amongst the most pricey Warhammer designs ever developed.

I’ve been following YouTuber Emil “Squidmar” Nyström for a couple of years now, obtaining pointers and motivation for painting minis. He had the ability to find and buy among these initial Thunderhawk Gunship designs. Just 500 approximately were ever produced for sale in 1997, and every one expense a tremendous $649.99. Changed for inflation that’s around $1,050.

Why are they so pricey? This was a time prior to all-plastic minis were the standard, and the whole design is constructed out of metal. The design plus its box weighs more than 22 pounds. There are 204 pieces, and the points of contact are entirely flat. Putting the entire thing together with extremely glue seems like a headache … however he’s going to provide it a try, and share the outcomes with his audience.

A Thunderhawk Gunship circa 2021.

Image: Games Workshop

Nyström has actually been teasing the job for a while now, however on Thursday he dropped a correct unboxing video. Examine it out for a trip of some real tabletop history. And if you’d like your own Thunderhawk, understand that they’re still up for sale at the Forge World site. The brand-new sculpt is made completely out of resin and will set you back $735.

Warhammer 40,000 is now in its 9th edition and offering well, thanks in part to a brand-new prominent boxed set and a mobile app. There’s likewise a brand-new line of paints that makes getting your armies up to snuff a lot easier than ever previously. Lastly, there’s likewise a little footprint variation of the video game called Warhammer 40,000: Eliminate Group. With it you only need a handful of models and some simple scenery to get started in the grim darkness of the far future.

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