Check out Funland, a beautiful new gaming magazine

Funland, an all-digital video gaming publication motivated by publications like Electronic Video gaming Month-to-month, Nintendo Power, and Famitsu, is out now on and it’s definitely spectacular. According to its site, the publication “will blend elements of olde with coverage that better reflects our modern tone, scope and politics. In short: A queer GamePro.”

“I didn’t want Funland to just be an exercise in nostalgia or revisionist history, but I began to see elements and pieces of the old formula could be subverted into something more exciting,” Kotzer informed Polygon over Twitter.

The launching concern is entitled “Living in Cyber Hell,” and it includes popular video games authors and designers like Christine Love (Ladykiller in a Bind, Get In the Automobile, Loser!) and Spelunky developer Derek Yu. Aesthetically, it’s beautiful. The publication is filled with initial illustrations that charm with a soft color pattern of pastel pinks and child blues. The launching concern consists of sneak peeks of video games like Ruthlessness Team, My Work is Not Yet Done, and In the Crags.

If it looks like there’s a lot to take a look at in Funland, that’s due to the fact that the design is motivated by Kotzer’s experience of taking a look at lots of video gaming advertisements in publications. As a kid, he took pleasure in taking a look at the advertisements, even if he couldn’t purchase the item being offered. “I decided there’s no reason the ads I ran had to correlate with anything that exists,” Kotzer stated. So he worked with illustrators and cartoonists to develop advertisements for fabricated video games.

The very first concern of Funland is offered to buy for $8.50. Nevertheless, if you subscribe and support the Patreon, you can conserve a couple of dollars on each concern.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.