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Charles C. Milliken: 2062: End of politics

Charles C. Milliken

Charles  Milliken

By 2062, electoral politics as we have known it will be obsolete. Some of the forms may remain, but the reality of electoral politics actually changing anything will be long past. Compared to what electoral politics was in this nation, say a hundred years ago, the path to this future has already become clear. 

This path has a long history, which I would trace to the Civil War (War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression – whatever). The force of bloody arms settled the supremacy of the federal government. Having established that fact for all time, the long question was what was that all-powerful entity to do? The answer was to see to it that the nation was run along lines that the electoral winners decided was appropriate. The first step was the Interstate Commerce Commission, founded in 1887. The state of the railroad industry was considered scandalous. Corruption was rife. Outrageous financial frauds had been committed. It was the heyday of the so-called “robber barons.” Despite this, railroads became ever more important to the economic life of the nation, and populist sentiment decried the wild west of the rails. The chief sticking point was the cost of transporting goods. Farmers especially – remember in those days farmers were the majority of the voters – resented how much they had to pay to get their goods to market and also how varied the rates were depending on whether there was competition in a given area, or not. 

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