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celebrating National Women’s Equality Day

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – “National Women’s equality day marks the 102nd ratification of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote, over a century after the start of the union,” said Nina Altschiller with the League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia.

With this being an election year, leaders with the League of Women Voters say it’s always important to get out to vote.

“If women care about these things, all these issues, kitchen table issues, reproductive rights issues, the gun safety issues, the safety-safety issues, everyone needs to get out and vote, register, get your friends to vote, get your children to vote.”

And representation goes far beyond holding political office. Elbi Elm is the founder of The Culturist Union an artisan coffee shop and marketplace.

“I’m a black business owner, I’m a single mother, I’m a woman, so these things I have to care about and if you don’t recognize that then how are you going to support me when it comes to policy on education or support me when it comes to childcare or support me when it comes to getting capital for small business.”

She says this day is a reminder to use your voice.

“I think as women, particularly women in the south, it’s so important for us to utilize and exercise our right to vote. Get out there disseminate information, gather information, create a space and community where people can really share their ideas.”

And as a female business owner, she hopes to inspire the next generation of women.

“These young women come into TCU I hope they’re inspired by the vendors in the market place. I hope they recognize that they too can take an idea and cultivate it and make into a reality.”

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