How to Save Your Marriage

How to Save Your Marriage

“How to save your marriage: The key to a happy marriage is in your hands.” This quote from Dr. Helen Thomas is one that can truly be life changing.   Marriage is More »

New York Music Promotion

New York Music Promotion

New York music promotion is a thriving business today, and the city has plenty of options for those who are ready to make it a reality. New York is the perfect city for music promotion, More »

How to Sell Art

How to Sell Art

The hungry artist of today is no longer a dying breed. In fact, ecommerce and social media are rapidly becoming the most effective ways for artists to self-fund their art, and ultimately, More »

Downloading a Building Game?

Downloading a Building Game?

If you are looking for some fresh ideas for building games then check out the following list of top games. We have combined some of our favorite city building simulators with real-life city planning, More »

How to Train a Dog

How to Train a Dog

If you want to know how to train a dog properly then there are many things you will need to know first. Training your dog properly means that you must take into More »


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The Divine Spark

The Divine Spark

In Gnostic Christianity and many other Western spiritual traditions, the divinity of the soul is the part of God that lives within every person. It is also sometimes referred to as the Divine Spark. The Divine Spark has its own

The Effects of Human Activities on the Earth’s Climate

Global warming

Global warming is the increase in average global temperature. It is caused by the greenhouse effect, which is caused by the release of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. The increasing atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is a

Human Behavior Research Methods

human behavior

The ability to develop human behavior can be learned through various methods. This ability is also known as the human intelligence, which is defined as the capacity to reason, to think, to plan and to perform a variety of complex

Is There A Link Between Birth Order And Child Performance?

birth order

Does Birth Order Theory Really Works? Or Do Parents Need Other Methods of Identifying What is In Their Child’s Mind?   While there are several contributing factors that may correlate to the personality of a child such as family structure,

Thanksgiving – History and Traditions


Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday celebrated throughout the United States, Canada, Grenada, Bermuda, Saint Martin, and Rhode Island, and other sub-national units in the Caribbean region. It was originally a time of thanksgiving and sacrifice commemorating the blessings

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?


There are several theories as to why mosquitoes bite some humans more than others. Now know for sure one fact for sure: an individual’s immune system and genetics are the main keys to knowing this deadly attraction.   Statistics show

Reparations For Pain And Suffering


Reparations have traditionally been understood as financial payment given to an injured person as a result of an accident or abuse. The colloquial word reparations actually changes substantively overtime. For example, the term “reparations” was first used in relation to

Why Did Humans Lose Their Hair?

Why did humans lose their hair? The answer is not as clear cut as we think it is. There are some theories on this, and here they are…   The first one is that this is the result of a

Why the United States Bombed Japan

In August 1945, President Harry Truman made a decision to end World War II by using an atomic bomb on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The United States dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima

Parenting Tips – How to Be a Great Parent

Toddlers can be notorious for tantrums and other behavioral problems. To encourage cooperation and listening, follow these basic parenting tips. Consider these useful parenting tips from an objective perspective.   -Keep a close watch on your child’s negative behaviors. Be