Case for and against Knicks selecting Jalen Johnson in 2021 NBA Draft

Jalen Johnson treated image

Jalen Johnson dealt with image

While it’s uncertain where the Knicks really might wind up selecting in the 2021 NBA Draft with 2 first-round and 2 second-round choices to manage, they’re established to make the most of this newest crop of skill can be found in.

Let’s have a look at a few of the benefits and drawbacks of possible draft alternatives for the Knicks, continuing with Jalen Johnson.

The case for preparing Johnson

Johnson is an athletic present with significant upside, clocking in at 6’9”, 220 pounds with a 6’11” wingspan. He’s young (19) and raw, a high-upside draw who has actually revealed flashes of being the contemporary dynamic, do-all forward groups yearn for.

Johnson won’t be entering the NBA with one specialized, however a variety of strong credit to develop on. He’s an unselfish gamer with an eye for ball motion, causing a high help rate (20.5%) amongst his frontcourt peers. A few of his on-the-fly playmaking this season looked guard play worthwhile. It’s raw like anything else in Johnson’s video game, however high forwards with the capability to produce for others are an interesting mix.

This court vision substances well with Johnson’s shift video game. Goes out off protective rebounds or turnovers are where Johnson grew this season, either by establishing others or completing himself. He can get up on lobs or score around contact sometimes.

Defensively, Johnson’s capacity might make him a Tom Thibodeau target. He’s not a protective possibility through his effort or innovative IQ, though there are minutes of both, however his athleticism and impulse.

He’s able to get vertical or slide in for charges when he’s on top of the play unfolding. A few of his assistance defense led to some distinctive blocks and his length got him active in passing lanes. Per-40 minutes, he would have set up over 2 takes and 2 obstructs a night.

Johnson might not add to a postseason run in his novice season, however if the Knicks are enamored with his ceiling, preparing him as a 5th huge that can establish on a competitive group to one day action in as a more athletic Kyle Anderson is a wise relocation.

The case versus preparing Johnson

Shooting is vital in today’s NBA, to the point bigs that aren’t able to spread out the flooring don’t get to see it much when things buckle down. Johnson has a methods to enter this location, in spite of his 44.4% clip from deep. That number is on just 18 efforts, and seeing his kind, it’s obvious why he didn’t try more.

Johnson has a damaged jumper, extremely irregular with nonfluid movements. His 63.2% shooting from the charity stripe doesn’t impart a lot of self-confidence in his shot as it stands. This can be dealt with, however with bad shooting potential customers you expect a bit more structure to develop on.

Poor jump-shooting just makes it harder for Johnson to produce shots for himself. He has a tidy deal with for a gamer his size however it won’t get him where he requires to go. Presently, his “spots” are around the basket or the dunker’s area till he establishes more to his offending video game.

There’s likewise a major concern regarding require for the Knicks. This would be 3 years in a row New york city gets a power forward that must perhaps be playing center, in a comparable vein also: multi-faceted, athleticism-dependent, requirements work. They may likewise wish to think about more of an NBA-ready man, provided they’ll be contending when again and won’t have much playing time for potential customers.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.