Cardi B – We Made It

Cardi B, the former, well-known, and still, popular rap artist who makes his debut album this week. The act is easily identifiable with big-chested celebrities like Taylor Swift and Beyonce. And it is easy to see why Cardi B has become a phenomenon. His performance in the trailer for “American Idol” was amazing and this person has the looks and personality to get into the talent show scene.

I have known Cardi for quite some time now. This is his first album and I’m not sure I’ve seen him on other media. I must admit, I was not impressed with this as his last effort, “We Made It.” However, at least on paper, I thought it was good.

I don’t know about you, but a lot of my friends feel this is not a very good album. I did however think this would be a great stage performance. In fact, I had seen him on “Dancing With The Stars” and thought he did well. But this seems to have a high standard, as the music is so bad and the guests are not very good either.

When I heard Cardi B performs live, I thought he really pulled it off. I’m a big fan of his work in “Dancing With The Stars”American Idol.” His past performances were decent, but nothing spectacular.

The new album is not much better. Some of the tracks are way too long and not worth listening to. But, it is not all bad. He has some nice choruses that add a nice feeling to his performance.

There are some good songs and some not so good, but I don’t think anyone could say the album is bad. There is just not much here that would make me wish to listen to it again. I think it is only a matter of time before this one fades away.

So, what is this new Cardi? Has he really changed? Or is this the same guy that did so well on “Dancing With The Stars”America’s Got Talent?”

The sad thing is, while many think he has changed, I think Cardi B is still the same artist. Maybe it is just me, but I think the appeal comes from the raw talent. Maybe, it is the fact that he didn’t change much of his image or look. He doesn’t have the ego that Swift and Beyonce have, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less attractive.

I think it’s the fact that the music video is not nearly as good as the song. I’m not trying to compare it to those people’s videos, but it is quite obviously not a “Dancing With The Stars” or an “American Idol” clip.

I also felt that the track’s lyrics weren’t exactly what I expected. It did have a lot of references to technology, which might be the problem. What was more important to me was the contrast between personal and professional, which might have been more personal.

I do think Cardi B can be successful, even if the success isn’t of the level that the people on the show are achieving. But, it is his first time in a pop music industry that may not be well-known.

So, does that mean I won’t buy “We Made It?” No, I still believe in Cardi B, because he is a talented rapper and a good singer. However, it would be best if he would just come out with a song that is more “personal,” something that reflects the inner emotions he feels inside of him.