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Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder in progress: Live updates, results, highlights

Alvarez vs. Ryder; Round 7

Ryder is trying get his legs fully back, showing grit. He sneaks in a left jab that lands flush on Canelo’s face. Alvarez is stalking his way forward, looking to unleash something heavy. A right hand splits Ryder’s guard. Canelo with a left jab upstairs followed by a left hook to the body. Ryder keeps fighting despite all that blood covering his face. (10-9 Alvarez, 69-63 Alvarez)

Alvarez vs. Ryder; Round 6

Canelo is repeatedly landing that straight right now. That’s the punch that made Ryder taste the canvas. A right hook from Canelo was partially blocked but it still wobbles Ryder. His legs are a bit shaky, though he’s fighting hard. Canelo digs to the body as Ryder momentarily puts his hands down and takes a deep breath. He eats another body shot and is showing plenty of heart just by standing. (10-9 Alvarez, 59-54 Alvarez)

Alvarez vs. Ryder; Round 5

A chopping right hook lands for Canelo, brushing Ryder back. Canelo wraps a right hook around Ryder’s guard. He drops Ryder with a one-two combination! It came on a straight left-right combination through Ryder’s guard. Ryder gets up to a knee and looks to his corner before getting up to beat the count. He’s up and swinging, going for broke. Canelo rushes him, looking to close out the fight but Ryder survives the round. His face is a bloody mess. (10-8 Alvarez, 49-45 Alvarez)

Alvarez vs. Ryder; Round 4

Alvarez opens up with a left hook to the body. Ryder is countering well although it’s seemingly only enough to stop Canelo from piecing together combos instead of hurting the champ. A crisp jab splits Ryder’s guard now. There’s that faucet of blood again, painting Ryder’s face. Body shot lands for Canelo though Ryder counters with an uppercut. (10-9 Alvarez, 39-37 Alvarez)

Alvarez vs. Ryder; Round 3

A stiff right hand from Canelo leads to Ryder’s nose leaking blood. The undisputed super middleweight champ is inching his way closer, looking to unleash more hell. Alvarez now with two lefts to the body and a right upstairs. Chopping right from Ryder lands. Alvarez cranks out a solid right hook that hurts Ryder. (10-9 Alvarez, 29-28 Alvarez)

Alvarez vs. Ryder; Round 2

Alvarez loads up on a right hook that lands. He pumps the left-handed jab moments later. A right hook connects for Canelo now. And another whiplashing right hook impacts. Alvarez steps into a left hook to the body now as well. Canelo uncorks a winding right and left hook to the body during the waning seconds. (10-9 Alvarez, 19-19)

Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder; Round 1

It has been roughly five months since Canelo’s left hand surgery. Let’s see how he uses it this fight. Ryder is showing some early aggression as the more active fighter thus far, while Alvarez downloads intel patiently. (10-9 Ryder)

Canelo comes home

The Guadalajara, Mexico crowd erupts for its native son during his walkout with a king’s crown firmly sitting on his head. A total of 150 mariachi band members help welcome Canelo back home for this elaborate ringwalk. 

Here comes John Ryder

He enters the biggest fight of his career having won four straight bouts.

National anthems to be followed by ringwalks

Canelo is back home and roughly 50,000 fans are about to let him hear it.

The main event is upon us

Fighting in his native Mexico for the first time in over 11 years, will Canelo Alvarez punch his way one step closer to setting up a huge showdown later this year? We’re about to find out as he takes on mandatory challenger John Ryder.

Martinez gets 11th-round TKO!

Martinez came out and let loose with a barrage of punches, rocking Batista against the ropes with repeated rights and lefts until the ref stepped in and stopped it.

Batista was hung up on the ropes and taking punishment badly. Batista was tough but Martinez makes sure he gets the stoppage to retain his WBC world flyweight title.


Martinez vs. Batista; Round 10

Martinez is turning this fight into target practice by picking and choosing his shots. (10-9 Martinez, 98-90 Martinez)

Martinez vs. Batista; Round 9

Batista is one gritty fighter but Martinez is countering him pretty sharply as this fight goes on. (10-9 Martinez, 88-81 Martinez)

Martinez vs. Batista; Round 8

Strange events here. Prior to the start of the eighth round, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman informs the ref that it was a knockdown. The ref seemingly watches or acknowledges a replay and credits Martinez with the knockdown. DAZN’s Chris Mannix confirms that a replay was reviewed and made the ruling. Back to the action, where Batista is having a solid round. That is until Martinez unloads on a barrage of punches that are clipping Batista as “El Rey” steals the round late. (10-9 Martinez, 78-72 Martinez)

Martinez vs. Batista; Round 7

Martinez with a lunging left hook that drops Batista with a thud! However, the referee incorrectly rules it a slip! That was not a slip! Martinez caught him cleanly. Despite getting rocked, Batista is back up and trading shots with Martinez, even catching the world champ in an exchange. The ref blew that as Martinez should have been given credit for the knockdown. (10-8 Martinez, 68-63 Martinez)

Martinez vs. Batista; Round 6

Martinez greets Batista with a snappy left hook immediately but here comes Batista yet again, applying pressure and closing space. Batista is doing a good job of stepping into the pocket and going head-to-head with Martinez. The fact that Batista doesn’t load up on his shots is helping him because he’s able to chip away with a steady volume of punches as he walks Martinez down. (10-9 Batista, 58-55 Martinez)

Martinez vs. Batista; Round 5

Batista is a stiff puncher and Martinez has to be aware and wiser about exchanging shots recklessly. Batista is splitting Martinez’s guard right now with a few punches. Batista is driving Martinez back with solid punches. Martinez now with a couple of crunching body shots. (10-9 Batista, 49-45 Martinez)

Martinez vs. Batista; Round 4

Martinez is really cooking now, putting together a bevy of crunching body shots which will certainly buy him real estate to land more debilitating shots upstairs. Batista fights back and catches Martinez. However, Martinez scores with a lunging left hook that drives Batista back. Batista lands an extra punch after the bell and the ref takes a point away from him for doing so. (10-8 Martinez, 40-35 Martinez)

Martinez vs. Batista; Round 3

Compact uppercut connects for Martinez, who is increasingly opening up with his offense now. A stinging right-left combo upstairs lands, before Martinez adds a body shot and a left hook — all with under 40 seconds. (10-9 Martinez, 30-27 Martinez)

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