Canelo Alvarez now free to face the best

It’s constantly a challenging option for a fighter to go to court to deal with an agreement conflict due to the fact that professions are so brief, time is of the essence and lawsuit tend to drag out forever.

At the height of his making power, however, Canelo Alvarez voluntarily litigated due to the fact that of what he viewed as challenges in his course to return into the ring.

And on Saturday in San Antonio in a battle that will be streamed on DAZN and conventional pay-per-view, Alvarez will not just make his very first look of 2020, however he’ll do so versus an elite incredibly middleweight in Callum Smith.

In September, currently out of the ring for 11 months and with no battle in sight, Alvarez took legal action against Golden Kid Advertisings and DAZN. He was desperate to eliminate, and in spite of how infamously long it requires to work out lawsuit, he thought that this was the only method to be able to enter the ring in 2020.

In November, however, a settlement was reached, followed rapidly by the news that Alvarez would be tough Smith for the WBA-WBC incredibly middleweight belts.

“I went through a lot to be able to close the year like this, with this kind of a fight,” Alvarez informed Yahoo Sports. “I did what I did [in filing suit] so I could become a free agent and see where the big fights were and go there.”

Alvarez is Yahoo Sports’ No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter, and he’s well on his method to making a berth in the International Boxing Hall of Popularity. While he has actually shown that size isn’t the only factor to consider in a battle, there are limitations to whatever.

Alvarez is 5-feet, 8 inches high with a 70 1/2-inch reach. Smith is 6-3 with a 78-inch reach. If it were a bout in between a first-rate fighter and a jabroni off the streets, the size wouldn’t make a distinction. However Smith is a first-rate fighter himself and has 8 inches of height and seven-and-a-half inches of reach on Alvarez.

Alvarez, however, shrugged that off. Quiting some physical edge or another becomes part of the expense of operating if you wish to pit yourself versus the very best on the planet.

“I know the risks, but I also have a strong desire to be the best,” he stated. “He is considered the No. 1 middleweight in the world, so he was the No. 1 guy that I wanted. I believe in myself and I want to fight these kinds of fights.”

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 02:  Canelo Alvarez prepares for his WBO light heavyweight title fight against Sergey Kovalev at MGM Grand Garden on November 2, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Alvarez won the title by an 11th-round knockout.  (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)
Canelo Alvarez won his battle versus Golden Kid Advertisings in order to get back to organization inside the ring. (Image by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

Late in their relationship, Alvarez made clear of his contempt for Oscar De La Hoya, his previous promoter and when a coach for him. Their relationship was at the heart of the suits Alvarez submitted versus Golden Kid and DAZN.

De La Hoya, who was among the very best fighters of his generation, is speaking about a resurgence at 47 and at one point even hypothesized about going back to combat Alvarez. Though there were times over the last 12 to 18 months where Alvarez need to have imagined putting his hands on De La Hoya, he chuckled off the idea that he’d ever combat his ex-promoter.

He icily said he wants to combat the best and intimated he’s not certain De La Hoya will ever fight.

“When Oscar gets in there and gets some hard sparring, [maybe] he’ll think differently [about coming back to boxing],” Alvarez stated. “He’ll probably get it out of his system.”

Alvarez felt a desperate need to get back so he took a Hail Mary and went to court. It worked out perfectly for him and he now has the freedom to pick and choose who and when he fights and on what network.

He has maximum flexibility that should provide the greatest reward. If he wishes to combat Caleb Plant, he won’t be encumbered by a television deal that would prevent or make it difficult.

Whoever makes the most sense, he’s gotten himself the most flexibility to get the fights.

“You have a limited time in this sport and you have to take advantage of it when you can,” Alvarez stated. “I’m looking for all the best.”

For now, though, he’s focused on Smith. He’s already beaten one member of the Smith family, stopping Liam in a 2016 bout in Arlington, Texas.

Liam undoubtedly is sharing secrets with his big brother, but Alvarez is nonplussed.

“I have fought fighters with all different styles and so nothing I see will be a surprise,” Alvarez stated. “Whatever style he has or whatever he tries to do, I will have seen it before. I am preparing hard and I’m ready for whatever challenge or threat I may see.”

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