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Can You Use A PS5 Or PS4 Controller On Nintendo Switch?

The Switch and PlayStation consoles use similar connection types, either hard USB or Bluetooth wireless, so it is possible to use DualShock or DualSense PlayStation controllers to work a Switch. That said, this compatibility comes with two big caveats. After all, it wouldn’t be a gaming hardware problem without random complications.

Firstly, the Switch won’t natively accept controller connections outside of its own framework. The console won’t recognize a PlayStation controller if it’s hard-connected and won’t pick up its Bluetooth signal. You can circumvent this with a third-party Bluetooth adapter, however. The 8Bitdo wireless USB adapter 2 is a simple and affordable choice, allowing you to connect your PlayStation controller to the Switch’s signal.

Secondly, while you can use a PlayStation controller to control the Switch’s essential functions, any advanced features in the controller, such as haptic feedback, the microphone, or the touchpad, will be disabled. You can use the touchpad as a screenshot button, though, and the gyro controls should still work.

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