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Can You Get the Holiday’s Hand in Destiny 2?

Since the start of April 2023, the Holiday’s Hand has been an Exotic weapon that has garnered a good deal of popularity in Destiny 2: Lightfall. With so much content to enjoy since the latest expansion and season’s release, Guardians are undoubtedly keen to pay attention to any new firearm or a weapon rerun from a previous update. After all, Hand Cannons are among some of the top-tier and community-favorite weapons for PvP activities and playlists. Whether you’re a regular to The Crucible or seasonal Iron Banner, a cool-sounding firearm like Holiday’s Hand would definitely be something any Destiny 2 player would be interested in.

Does the Holiday’s Hand Exotic Exist in Destiny 2

YouTuber Redrix April Fools Joke for Holiday's Hand in Destiny 2

Image by Redrix

Unfortunately, the Holiday’s Hand Exotic in Destiny 2 does not exist, as the weapon itself is a joke created by community members as an April Fool’s joke. One YouTube video in particular that undoubtedly took off as a result of this prank is Redrix’s guide, in which he explains how Guardians can unlock the Holiday’s Hand.


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Of course, Redrix explains in the video’s pinned comment that the Holiday’s Hand Exotic was meant as a playful joke for the Destiny 2 community. This intent is evident if you watch the video until the end. However, many of the top commenters of the YouTubers are playing along, exclaiming how the guide was excellent and that they were able to unlock the weapon by following the steps. 

Any discerning Destiny 2 fan will naturally see all this information as nothing more than a jest. YouTuber Profane Gaming has made a video on the matter, warning players about how the community does this kind of April Fool’s joke every year. However, less hardcore players or those newer to Destiny 2 might feel like the trickery surrounding the Holiday’s Hand is insensitive. We recommend not taking such playful jokes too seriously and using resources to ensure a weapon or content announcement is valid.

Searching Holiday's Hand in for Destiny 2

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A simple search to check if a piece of equipment exists will show you all the information you need to know regarding its validity. For instance, we suggest using renowned community-run websites that have been covering Destiny 2 for years, such as,, Fanbyte, wikis like Destinypedia, or even Destiny 2‘s official Subreddit. These sites will show you a variety of helpful information, such as how to unlock specific items and related ideal builds/rolls.

Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Source: YouTube/Redrix | YouTube/Profane Gaming

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