Can Insurance Companies Deny Coverage?

“Will my insurance company to deny coverage for my dog because I have a Doberman Pincher?” Many dog owners ask this question when they realize that they need to add another animal to their family. While most dogs are accepted into most veterinary practices and are used to people living with them, not all breeds are meant to be indoors with humans. As a matter of fact, some breeds of dog can actually be quite harmful and cannot be placed inside of a home. In order for a homeowner to know whether or not they can add another animal to their household, they should ask their veterinarian to determine the compatibility of the new family member.


Although the majority of the time, most insurance companies will allow a homeowner to add another family member to their policy, there are a few breeds that will not be accepted. If a homeowner were to add a German Shepherd to their household it would not be covered under their current policy. This same policy would also not cover a Doberman Pincher. However, there are insurance policies available that will cover both of these dogs.


If a policyholder finds that they have made a medically necessary and breed-specific request to add another animal onto their policy, they should not give up hope. Instead, the person should call an experienced and highly skilled breed-specific insurance industry lawyer. These specialized lawyers understand the legalities of both the companies and the state code. Having knowledge of both sides of the issue will allow these individuals to successfully defend their cause in court.


For many years, the insurance industry has denied coverage to homeowners who were caught smoking cannabis on their property. However, new laws recently cleared the way for some insurers to begin offering policies to all cannabis users. The laws treat marijuana use as an illegal drug, even though it is not classified as such under current federal law. It is still against the law to smoke pot in most states, but there are several areas across the country where pot smoking is tolerated, or even promoted, by police officers. Insurers are scrambling to find a balance between protecting their business and making a policyholders entire policy void due to their lawful actions.


Another scenario that is often faced by policyholders is being denied coverage due to their race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation. As you can imagine, these individuals may be feeling very discriminated against, and are very likely to call in complaining. An experienced and highly skilled racial discrimination and religious discrimination insurance agent can provide peace of mind for the policyholder. They will know exactly how to explain their situation to their insurance company and receive the kind of reaction they desire.


Sometimes people have a reason that makes them a high risk to the insurance company. For example, if they have had a previous claim and their rates were increased, they may become a high-risk candidate. Other common reasons that insurance companies deny coverage may be because of age, health problems, or driving record. Even something as simple as an existing condition can be considered a risk factor. Therefore, it is essential for each policyholder to make sure that they disclose all pre-existing medical conditions and any other information that might help determine their risk factor status. If this is not done properly, then they may be denied coverage unnecessarily.


It can be very difficult for people who are already facing the issue of pre-existing medical condition coverage to navigate the insurance companies maze. For this reason, a trained and experienced medical necessity denial lawyer can be invaluable. These lawyers specialize in covering the majority of the various scenarios that are commonly encountered when dealing with insurance companies. They will know just what to do in each situation and can significantly increase the policyholder’s chances of receiving fair and accurate treatment from the insurance company. A skilled medical necessity denial lawyer will know just what to do in every situation and can often get the policyholders claim approved.


The cost of health insurance policies can really put a strain on the budgets of many people. If you were recently denied coverage, then you should contact a qualified and highly skilled medial necessity lawyer immediately. These lawyers specialize in representing policyholders in cases that have been denied due to a myriad of medical conditions.