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Can exercise stop one in three cases of depression?

A third of people at risk of depression and anxiety could prevent it by getting enough exercise, a study suggests.

Exercise is a well-known treatment for those with depression, with doctors even prescribing it.

But moving more could prevent people from becoming depressed and anxious in the first place, a study of more than 37,000 people suggests.

If everyone managed 75 minutes a week of vigorous exercise – which makes you breathe hard and includes running and swimming – it could prevent almost 19 per cent of cases of depression and anxiety, researchers concluded.

These findings suggest almost a third of cases of depression and anxiety, which affect one in five adults in the UK, might be preventable through exercise.

Dr Carlos Celis-Morales, the senior author of the study from the University of Glasgow, said: “This is a very strong public health message, as exercise is free, and everyone can increase how much they do in a week.”

The study, in the journal BMC Medicine, looked at people aged 37 to 73 who had not anxiety. They were given fitness trackers to monitor physical activity.

When they were followed up, for almost seven years on average, around 3 per cent had developed depression or anxiety. Mail Online


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