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Cambridge Willing to go Extra Mile to Ensure the Health of Its Residents

As many residents may know, the Cambridge Public Health Department is currently hosting free flu and COVID-19 vaccine clinics for all interested members of the Cambridge community. More than 1,800 residents have already taken advantage of the clinics this fall, but there was one recent vaccination that reflects just how far the City will go to ensure the health of its residents.

At a clinic at the Cambridge Senior Center on October 14, nearly 300 combined vaccinations were administered by Cambridge Public Health nurses and members of the Cambridge Fire Department. “MJ,” a 96-year-old Cambridge resident who has dementia, was set to be one of the 199 people that received vaccinations that day. Unfortunately, she was having a difficult day, primarily due to being outside of her familiar surroundings.

While several attempts were made to provide her with the flu and COVID-19 vaccine at the Senior Center, MJ was not fully cooperating. To reduce MJ’s anxiety and stress, Firefighter Nick Menard suggested to her caregiver that they administer the vaccinations back at home where MJ could, hopefully, be more comfortable. The caregiver agreed, and Firefighter Menard followed them from the Senior Center to MJ’s Cambridge home. By being back in her familiar surroundings with Firefighter Menard at her side, MJ became cooperative and was much more comfortable. Thanks to Firefighter Menard’s patience and commitment, all went well and now MJ is fully vaccinated and protected for the season.

If you would like to be fully protected like MJ this season, please register for an upcoming appointment now. Seasonal flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines, including the bivalent booster, are available.

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