Call of Duty: Warzone’s new map is a 1984 version of Verdansk

Call of Responsibility: Warzone’s Verdansk map might have been ruined on Wednesday, however on Thursday it has actually returned after a short journey through time — with a huge upgrade. The brand-new variation of the map is called Verdansk ’84 and it’s a totally upgraded variation of the map that’s embeded in the 1980s.

Instead of the smaller sized updates that have actually been introduced throughout previous seasons, Verdansk ’84 is basically an entire brand-new map. The shape and design of the map might be the exact same, however practically every place, from the called locations to the area in between, has actually been altered.

Players skydive onto Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk ’84 map

Image: Raven Software/Activision

There are locations like Airport and Arena where the exact same kind of structure remains in location, however with a brand-new 1980s-design that makes it feel absolutely various. There are likewise lots of brand-new locations and called areas, like the Karst Salt Mines and Gora Top, both of which are absolutely brand-new. The most obvious brand-new place on the map is Grid Variety, a huge location loaded with metal towers that can be climbed up, and are seen from practically anywhere else on the map.

Naturally, the areas aren’t the only thing that’s been upgraded for Verdansk ’84. The map’s toolbox has actually likewise gone through a total modification from the modern weapons of Modern Warfare to the ’80s weapons of Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty: Warzone players fight each other with cold war weapons on Verdansk ‘84

Image: Raven Software/Activision

The freshly upgraded variation of Verdansk even had an unique occasion to present gamers to the map. Since Wednesday’s nuclear occasion, a brand-new nighttime variation of Renewal Island was the only map offered for gamers to have a look at. On Thursday, Raven Software application opened an occasion called The Damage of Verdansk, Part 2, where gamers contended in a relatively typical Renewal Island match, where gamers attempted to catch a nuclear gadget and hold it for a particular quantity of time. As soon as a gamer protects the nuclear gadget they personally triggered the nuke that ruined Verdansk.

After seeing the rocket launch — and the damage — gamers were quickly transferred to Verdansk ’84 where they were right away dropped into a match, directly into the action. After this little teaser, gamers had the ability to mark time for matches on Verdansk ’84 as they generally would, because the map has actually now changed the previous variation.

Players have a shootout at Verdansk ‘84’s airplane factory in Call of Duty: Warzone

Image: Raven Software/Activision

Verdansk ’84 is the last piece of Call of Responsibility: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s season 3 launch, which is now total. For a take a look at all the other modifications at shown up with the brand-new season you can have a look at the complete spot notes for Warzone and the spot notes for Black Ops Cold War.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.