Call of Duty: Warzone season 2 will start on Feb. 25

The most recent Call of Responsibility season is practically here. On Tuesday, Treyarch revealed that Call of Responsibility: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Responsibility: Warzone season 2 is beginning Feb. 25. While Treyarch hasn’t exposed much about the season yet, the release date statement did come with a trailer that provides us a couple of ideas about the Operators and toolbox that may be consisted of.

The trailer reveals a group of soldiers flying through the jungle of Laos in a helicopter, obviously in pursuit of somebody called Naga. It ends up Naga is a magnum-toting, sunglasses-wearing, likely bad guy who is working to protect a delivery of Nova 6, which he’s sending out to Verdansk. Near completion of the trailer, Naga leaves and our helicopter filled with soldiers gets here to clear out the staying foes and look for Naga on foot.

Based upon previous trailers, it looks like much of the folks in the helicopter will comprise the Operators that gamers can select from in season 2, however that’s not all the brand-new material the trailer exposed. We likewise got a glance of a couple of brand-new weapons that are most likely heading to the video game.

The very first brand-new weapon that appears is a Crossbow, which among the likely Operators utilizes to get an opponent. Next, another soldier hops out of the helicopter bring what seems a Galil, which would be brand-new to the video game. Then a couple of other soldiers shuffle by with somewhat less identifiable however likewise perhaps brand-new weapons, and lastly, somebody leaps out of the chopper bring an entire minigun.

Of course, we don’t know if these weapons will all make it into the game or in what form; the minigun could be a brand-new Scorestreak. We ought to have a much better concept in the future as Treyarch exposes more about season 2 prior to its release next week.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.