Call of Duty: Warzone removes Armored Royale over invisibility glitch

Call of Responsibility: Warzone is having a hard time with yet another game-breaking problem. Simply a week after designer Raven Software application tried to repair the unlimited stim problem for the 2nd time, a brand-new bug lets gamers turn themselves unnoticeable in the Armored Royale video game mode.

The current Warzone make use of appears to be comparable to the helicopter invincibility bug from a couple of months earlier, because it includes gamers entering into the turret of a lorry to make it work. Sadly, to attain invisibility, gamers were utilizing the armored Freight Truck, which is vital to the Armored Royale video game mode, so Raven couldn’t just take it out of the video game like it did those bothersome helicopters.

Instead, Raven opted to simply remove Armored Royale from Warzone’s playlists for the time being. The developer tweeted that the mode was removed on Monday and it seems that it will remain out of commission until a fix can be found for the disappearing player problem.

Warzone’s other video game modes appear to be untouched by this bug.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.