Call of Duty: Warzone players are turning into zombies

Verdansk has actually lastly been overrun with zombies. Since Thursday, contamination levels on the Call of Responsibility: Warzone map have actually reached 100%, and even gamers themselves aren’t safe from developing into the undead.

Now that the whole map has actually been impacted, it appears specific locations where the zombies initially showed up on Verdansk have actually ended up being infected with nuclear radiation. If gamers go into these zones they begin to take damage that will ultimately eliminate them. However obviously, according to YouTuber Jackfrags, death isn’t completion if the radiation gets you. Rather, a minimum of in team-based modes, gamers return to life as a zombie themselves.

In Raven Software application’s most current in-universe instruction, there is a reference of specialized gas masks, which might be a brand-new kind of devices that lets gamers securely — or more securely — check out these irradiated zones. On top of that, there’s a note about “critical safety measures,” along with an image that appears to reveal zombies getting electrocuted, however it’s unclear what this suggests either.

In the meantime these nuclear zones are just situated at the Vodianoy ship wreck and the Jail, the very first 2 locations on Verdansk that were contaminated by the undead. Nevertheless, it looks like that the infection might rapidly top the next week.

Something we understand for sure is that something huge and bad is concerning Verdansk next week. In a tweet on Tuesday, Raven Software application teased a huge — possibly nuclear — occasion that would strike the island on April 21. This huge occasion needs to mark completion of Warzone season 2, establishing for some substantial modifications when season 3 starts.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.