Call of Duty: Warzone patch should fix its disappearing hit markers

Call of Task: Warzone has actually had many bugs in the last number of weeks, from undetectable gamers to the return of the limitless stim problem. While those concerns might have been game-breaking, a smaller sized inconvenience has actually pestered gamers too: vanishing hit markers. Fortunately, Raven Software application has actually launched a spot that must repair the issue.

Call of Task video games, consisting of Warzone, generally consist of a little indication near each gamers’ crosshair that appears when their shots struck an opponent gamer. Nevertheless, over the last number of spots, the icon that’s expected to appear has actually been appearing inconsistently. Warzone gamers may fire at somebody, struck them, however have no concept that their shots landed, causing a lot of disappointment.

Fortunately, in its Friday upgrade, Raven notes that the concerns need to be fixed. According to Raven’s statement tweet, the spot likewise consists of a repair for weapon XP, which wasn’t being granted appropriately in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode, along with a repair for particular UI bugs in the loadout menu.

This spot must be live now for Warzone on all platforms.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.