Call of Duty: Warzone patch notes: Sykov nerfs, RC-XD removed buy station

Call of Task: Warzone’s brand-new Sykov handguns have actually been subdued because the minute they got here in the video game. The good news is, designer Raven Software application is actioning in with an enormous nerf in the video game’s most current spot to assist make them a little less dominant.

The spot particularly takes goal at the Sykov’s list of effective accessories, nerfing them straight and their mixes. The Sorokin 140mm Car accessory now has terrific hip-fire spread, the Akimbo alternative lowers motion speed by 5%, and the 80-round drum accessory lowers motion speed by 5% and lowers the aim-down sight motion speed by 7%. While all these need to be impactful, the most significant nerf was to the mix of the Akimbo and Sorokin 140mm Car accessories which now lower the Sykov’s damage by 25% when they’re utilized together.

This smattering of Sykov nerfs are a few of the most aggressive balance modifications that have actually ever been presented in Warzone, however the weapon was strong enough to necessitate it. In reality, it’s tough to inform if these modifications will even suffice to keep them out of the meta, however they’re a great start a minimum of.

Warzone’s most current spot likewise brings a nerf to the RC-XD remote-controlled explosive cars and truck, a modification that gamers have actually been requesting for just recently. Instead of having the ability to get the RC-XD at any Buy Station, gamers can now just discover them in Containment Monitors.

For a take a look at whatever that altered in Monday’s Call of Task: Warzone upgrade, you can take a look at the complete spot notes.

Update: Raven Software application has actually changed its April 19 spot notes. The initial notes stated that there was a 25% damage decrease on the Sykov when the Sorokin 140mm Car accessory and the 80-round drum accessory were utilized together, nevertheless the damage decrease in fact uses to the Sorokin 140mm Car accessory and the Akimbo accessory. The story has actually been upgraded to show Raven’s modification.

Call of Task: Warzone April 19 spot notes


  • The RC-XD has actually been gotten rid of from Buy Stations and is now just offered by means of Containment Monitors.
  • Repaired a concern triggering gamers to be not able to gear up Armor Plates after triggering specific Killstreaks or Field Upgrades.
  • The Containment Procedure rockets will no longer land in the Backyard.
  • The Containment Procedure rockets have actually had their sound results volume lowered.
  • Repaired a bug triggering Loadout Drops to obstruct motion and projectiles after the cage collapses.
  • King Slayer Trios – The Gas Circle will no longer move entirely beyond the Backyard.


  • The Swatt Master Plan now properly shows the Electric Dismemberment icon.


  • Repaired a bug with the Modern Warfare Sniper Scope and Variable Zoom Scope where they were not showing sparkle.
  • Repaired a bug with Modern Warfare weapon advantages where they were not having their designated results.
  • Repaired a bug with the Bullseye Reticle where it would often trigger frame rate concerns or the disappearance of UI components.
  • Sorokin 140mm Car (Sykov)

Hip spread increased

Motion speed lowered by 5%

Motion speed lowered by 5%

ADS motion speed lowered by 7%

  • When gearing up the Sykov with the Sorokin 140mm Car and the Akimbo accessory, damage is lowered by 25%.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.