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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox One

Those wanting to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox One need to make sure they have plenty of space on their hard drive. The remaster of this classic still has some controversy with the undercover scenes, but people want to either relive or see what the hype is about. There is still a lot of memory needed to be able to do all of this on the Microsoft console.

Initial Download

Most who get the remaster Modern Warfare 2 disc will get a shock when they first put it into the Xbox One, as the download is at 151.4 gigs. This means they will be sitting there a while if they already have the space but will be scrambling to delete what they have kept if they had been saving info. Most people will need to decide how much they want to play the second outing of Task Force 141.

Newest Update

The newest Modern Warfare 2 update is getting the software ready for Season 1, which many people are looking forward to for the online competition. Unlike other platforms, the Xbox One update is coming in at a hefty 50 gigs of data. Other platforms are coming in at less than 1 GB for the 1.08 update, which may also cause some to be mad they are still not able to turn off the cross play.

One part of the update that Xbox One players will like is that they will have the chance to have better frame rates and less freezing issues. This Modern Warfare 2 fix list is addressing many of the performance problems people have been complaining about, which will make competitive multiplayer much easier to win.

Weapon Changes

Most people who are wanting to see changes in how the weapons handle in Modern Warfare 2 may get their chance, as the publisher has started collecting data. This could mean that some may lose their favorite weapons but could gain a new one. Playing on the Xbox, or any platform, could see some changes soon because of these company concerns.

Season One is coming for the Modern Warfare 2 remaster, which people were wondering about with a release that was not as heavy into multiplayer. For those who are Xbox players who have not started playing yet, make sure to have plenty of room on the hard drive with download sizes.

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