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Business manager, school leaders discuss policy changes at local high school games

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – In the last couple of weeks, several local school districts have changed their policies for sporting events.

We’ve seen Aiken County put a clear bag policy in effect at their games. Jefferson County put a similar policy in place at the end of August.

Here’s how this policy changes how spectators show up on gameday.

“Knowing going into this year that it was going to be for high schools. We made sure that we had some of our local school colors in stock, and it’s been very well perceived by the community,” said Joey Galloway, manager at Communigraphics.

He has been selling clear bags for two years, but ever since the high schools made this decision, fans going to support their schools are stopping by.

“With North Augusta’s first game, we’ve had a lot of customers come in. They were buying the clear bags,” said Galloway.

Galloway overhears things in his store, including confusion about this decision.

“It’s been more scrutinized, and they don’t see it as a need for this area, but they’re following the guidelines,” said Galloway.

Jefferson County’s Superintendent Sam Dasher says even though nothing has happened in their district, many have happened in others, like a gun being found at one of Richmond County’s football games.

This makes the county want to get ahead and enforce clear bags and add metal detectors.

“The wrong time to determine that you have a problem like that is when a problem occurs. I’m a firm believer that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So we’re trying to take proactive steps to make sure we don’t have those incidents at our games,” said Dasher.

For Strom Thurmond games in Edgefield County, no middle or elementary students are allowed at games without an adult. High school students need to have their school ID to get into games.

Away students will need a school ID to sit in the home stands. Students without a school ID or parent must sit in the away stands.

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