Business Internet Houston

The Business Internet Houston section features several excellent resources for any entrepreneur wishing to create an online presence. Houston has rapidly become a hub for businesses seeking to leverage the power and reach of the Web. Many entrepreneurs are choosing to establish an online presence in Houston in order to expand their customer base, attract new customers, and foster greater sales opportunities. The Internet is a highly-valuable tool for marketing and sales, but in order for an entrepreneur to be successful online he must have an online presence. In this section of the Houston Chronicles, we will explore the various ways that an Internet-savvy business can market and promote itself.


The Houston Area Trade Association (WAITA) provides several excellent web sites, including Houston Employment Advisors and Houston Enterprise Solutions, as well as numerous sections of Houston State Government sites. Among the resources provided by the Trade Association are several valuable reports that address issues ranging from workforce demographics to job growth to a small business start up requirements. Among the pertinent reports are the following: Houston Texas Competitive Market, A Look at Broadband Internet Options for Start-Ups, and Texas Small Business Survey. All of these reports provide invaluable insights that can be used by business owners in all areas of the state of Texas as they seek to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities that broadband Internet provides.


The Houston Chronicle, which is published weekly, provides another invaluable resource for potential Houston commercial enterprise news. This newspaper is strongly endorsed by both Google and Yahoo and has been recognized as one of the nation’s most trusted business newspapers. The Houston Chronicle has an online edition that is accessible twenty-four hours a day. In addition, the paper has numerous weekend edition programs that are offered to subscribers. As a result, subscribing to the Houstonchronicle is advantageous to business owners who wish to receive breaking business news throughout the week. In addition to the business section of the newspaper, the Chronicle has several other important sections that are regularly accessed by readers interested in learning about local business.


Several well-known Houston companies are identified as sponsors of the Houston Chronicle’s online edition. Among those sponsors are AT&T, Verizon Wireless, BellSouth, Time Warner Cable, Clear Channel, Dish Network, Comcast, Charter Communications, and Grande Line Telephones. Major corporations such as Mercedes Benz, American Electrical Power, Exxon Mobile, AT&T, and others have a local presence in the Houston area. In addition to the business community, the Houston Chronicle’s online website provides information on local government, schools, churches, sports, and culture. As the name indicates, the Chronicles provide in depth reporting on local events, which is available through our web site as well. In addition, the site includes special sections dedicated to music, local businesses, travel, and much more.


The city of Houston, which is the state capitol, is served by a comprehensive system of transportation including an extensive bus system and commuter rail service. The Houston Area Transit System (BART) has seven different types of routes. The city also has twenty-eight bridges, many of them ferries, which link residential neighborhoods to downtown Houston. For residents who are searching for affordable housing, the Houston County Convention Center has three different financing options. One option offers flexible monthly payments with interest rates up to four percent, the second option has fixed interest rates with no minimum monthly payment, and the third option allows a percentage of the payment to be applied to a reserve fund.


Another great resource for business owners in Houston, as is apparent from the above list, is the abundance of resources available on the Internet. One reason for this is the growing number of Internet service providers in the area, which makes broadband Internet access increasingly more competitive. In addition, as noted above, there are many resources available on the Internet that are supported by the local and national businesses in the area. These include the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Houston Chamber of Commerce, the Houston Association of Realtors, and the Greater Houston Economic Development Association. There are also professional associations such as the American Society of Interior Designers and the Society of Commercial Construction Technicians, among others.


Another excellent source of information for small business in Houston is the Greater Houston Work Place Network. Among other features, this website provides a directory of employers in the area, links to company sites, and links to individual companies that are members of the network. This valuable resource helps employers locate potential employees in the Houston area and provides invaluable contact information. The site also provides links to associations that provide opportunities for small business owners to obtain professional certifications, assistance with legal matters, and additional resources. The site also includes helpful articles about running a small business and suggestions for making the most out of your business.


When it comes to networking, marketing, and business in general, one of the best resources to utilize is the Internet. In this day and age, it is very important for a small business owner in Houston to be on top of his or her game. Using the Internet to reach out to potential clients and help grow and expand your business is an essential part of doing so. If you have questions or concerns, it is always wise to turn to the Internet to find answers. For everything from hiring professionals to getting the word out about your small business, turn to the world of the Internet.