Burning Man festival cancels in-person event again because of Covid-19

Organizers of the Burning Guy celebration revealed Tuesday that they were canceling their in-person occasion for the 2nd straight year.

“The past 14 months have been a turbulent journey of evolution and change for every human on this planet,” the Burning Guy task revealed on its main website. “We have had to adapt to the twists and turns of a global crisis, complex public health information, and the growing hope that we can start rebuilding our lives together soon.

The statement went on to explain that “Everybody at Burning Guy Job have actually been hectic forecasting all the possible situations that would enable us to bring our desert city back to life in 2021. The variables are numerous, and our capability to conquer difficulties is high. It’s what we do.”

“Although here in the United States we might be feeling the weight lifting and the light at the end of the tunnel lightening up, we are still in the pandemic, and the unpredictabilities that require to be solved are difficult to solve in the time we have actually,” the Burning Man project announced.

The festival, which began in 1986, is traditionally held in the desert location of Black Rock City, Nevada, each summer. It is best known for its concluding event, in which a large wooden symbol of a man is ignited.

The event annually attracts tens of thousands and in the past celebs from Sean “Diddy” Combs to Katy Perry have attended.

Organizers said they “have chosen to set our sights on Black Rock City 2022.”

As they did for the 2020 event, organizers are announcing a “Virtual Burning Guy,” which will start on August 21. There will be no charge to get involved online, although contributions are motivated to assist organizers offset the celebration’s 2 years of lost profits.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.