Bungie interview: Destiny 2’s Hive Guardians are like fighting a mirror

For all of Bungie’s outstanding techniques displayed in the expose of Fate 2: The Witch Queen, the addition of Hive Guardians is most likely the greatest. While huge from a story viewpoint, Hive Guardians will likewise form each battle in which they’re present. Like the Guardians that gamers manage, Hive Guardians can utilize Supers, and they can reanimate — they can battle like us.

In an interview with Fate 2 video game director Joe Blackburn and basic supervisor Justin Truman, we discussed the obstacles that Hive Guardians give the field.

“We want it to feel like you’re fighting you,” stated Blackburn. “We want it to feel like you’re fighting something that you understand. The playing field has been leveled in a bunch of interesting ways.”

In the trailer for The Witch Queen, we see a Hive Guardian toss what appears like Titan’s Guard Shields. We see a Hive Guardian leap into the air and Blade Barrage a human Guardian. However like genuine Guardians, their powers don’t stop with tossing the Light back at us. Persistency is the name of the video game.

“When we think about a Hive Guardian going down, you can see some of that [leveled playing field] with a Ghost orbiting around there,” stated Blackburn. “And you know that like, ‘hey, that thing is gonna come back alive if I don’t deal with it. […] I have a rez timer in PvE. Mine might say 30 seconds; I don’t know what theirs say. But I know that they’re going to be smashing the X button soon to get get back alive, right?’”

In the very same expose for The Witch Queen, we see a Guardian eliminate a Hive, get the Hive Ghost, and smash it to pieces in their hand. While possibly terrible for tradition geeks — Ghosts are valuable, and we’ve just actually seen one die on-screen previously — it’s clear that Guardians needs to disable the Ghost if they desire the Hive to remain dead.

In speaking to Blackburn about the brand-new Glaive weapon, he discussed the pressure gamers will be under to reach a Hive Ghost once they eliminate its Hive Guardian. Guardians will require to expose themselves to look after that Ghost as quickly as possible, prior to the resurrections occur. Glaives, Blackburn stated, let you brave that journey a bit more quickly thanks to the weapon’s mobile guard.

All that stated, the precise gameplay element of beating a Ghost is uncertain. Truman and Blackburn stated it’s something they desire gamers to experience on their own. Based upon what we’ve seen, it appears like eliminating a Ghost will work likewise to utilizing a Finisher on an opponent contender.

Rounding Off a Hive Guardian’s Ghost will likely be a gamer’s greatest top priority in fight, as even when opponent Guardians aren’t casting Supers, they’re doing other things Guardians do. “The first time you see a Hive Acolyte throw a Solar grenade that you’ve seen before at you, it’s like, ‘Holy shit, why is this tracking me around the corner?’” stated Blackburn. “[Hive Guardians] immediately elicit this response that’s like, ‘Hey, this is a threat, and I need to take care of it.’ Right? It’s like an invader in Gambit coming out. ‘Oh, OK. Guardian on the field.’”

More than anything, Bungie desires gamers to fear Hive Guardians. Truman discussed Fate’s long history of opponents fearing a Guardian when they appear — something Bungie drew back in Halo, when opponent Grunts would stress as soon as Master Chief eliminated their Elite. The style group desires gamers to experience that very same level of fear when a Hive Guardian disrupts an otherwise regular encounter.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.