Bucs’ Cameron Kinley hopes future Navy, Army and Air Force players have clearer path to NFL

Cameron Kinley has actually reached Buccaneers training school after an offseason experience that began with him being informed he’d be needed to serve in the Navy instead of pursue his NFL dream, and ended with the secretary of defense calling Kinley straight to inform him he can play professional football.

Now Kinley, who had an outstanding college football profession at Navy, hopes future gamers from his university, along with Army and Flying force, will have plainly specified treatments about how they can pursue their athletic professions initially prior to satisfying their needed military service.

“That’s what this was all about . . . in the future that nobody would have to go through what I went through,” Kinley stated, by means of Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times. “So I hope that the situation serves for that, and that we have some consistency moving forward, so that everybody gets a chance to live out both their dreams.”

There’s no warranty that Kinley, an undrafted novice cornerback, will make the Buccaneers’ lineup. However Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians stated Kinley came to camp in terrific shape, and he’ll be provided every chance to reveal he belongs in the NFL — a chance he didn’t believe he’d have a couple months earlier.

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