Browns’ winning season only highlights losses for bars as they miss out on money-making night games

CLEVELAND — Carney’s Bar in the Flats has a credibility quite comparable to the city of Cleveland. It’s understood for being a blue collar location that bleeds orange and brown.

“Every year I look forward to the Browns’ season. Everyone is packed in the patio and out here,” stated Tiffany Lee, the owner of Carney’s.

Lee purchased the bar that has actually been around considering that 1976 from her uncle simply 3 years earlier.

“For the first two years, it was fun,” she stated.

And like a real Cleveland, she’s utilized to losing seasons, however never ever one rather like the pandemic has actually caused.

“You’re going from not knowing how long you’re going to be open. You can’t plan any events. You don’t want too many people in here,” she stated. “It’s tough for me. It’s tough for the staff. It’s heartbreaking not to se so many regulars in here.”

She stated a playoff win like the Browns saw Sunday would’ve been excellent for company.

“It would’ve been thousands,” stated Lee.

However individuals don’t wish to need to leave after the very first half, so, lots of, don’t come.

“All of our sales are based on alcohol sales. Not having a kitchen, with these hours cut to 10:00 p.m., it’s cut us off at the legs,” she stated.

Dave Gilbert the CEO of Location Cleveland stated while the tourist and hospitality market is not seeing the fruit’s of Baker Mayfield’s labor right now, he’s enthusiastic it will quickly.

“I feel very confident for the Browns. This is not a this is not a one and done. I think we’re going to see these wins for a lot of years to come,” he stated.

Gilbert stated this can set the city of Cleveland up for a quicker resurgence when the pandemic is over.

“I think the more that we are seen on national television, the more that our community is seen as a winner, the better chance we have to win in those areas where we’re competing against other cities for the rights to host major events,” he stated.

Occasions like the 2019 MLB All Star Video game and the upcoming 2021 NFL draft.

However for Lee, the stating ‘There’s constantly next year,” rings truer than ever previously.

“We are going to hang in there,” she stated. “Hopefully we are able to have this for next season. It’s all I want.”

The 10 p.m. statewide curfew is set to end Jan. 23, however it’s uncertain if Gov. Mike Dewine will extend it yet once again.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.