Brandon Moreno accomplished ‘principal goal’ by becoming first Mexico-born UFC champion

PHOENIX – The brand-new UFC flyweight champ Brandon Moreno is happy to raise the status of Mixed Martial Arts in Mexico.

Moreno (19-5-2 Mixed Martial Arts, 7-2-2 UFC) tapped out Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 263 on Saturday night in a rematch of their very first fight that led to a draw.

“I can’t believe it,” Moreno informed press reporters, consisting of Mixed Martial Arts Addict, throughout the post-fight press conference. “This moment is so special. I’m always trying to make jokes and play with everybody but today was an emotional day for me, you know? I started to cry because I feel it in the bottom of my heart.”

It was a long roadway to the peak of the sport for the Tijuana, Mexico native, however his devotion to the sport and making the essential modifications to prosper culminated in his masterpiece on Saturday night.

“I worked so hard for that f*cking belt,” Moreno stated. “I have 10 years as a professional, 15 years doing this sport, and this moment is so special – and not just for me, all the people around me who support me on this journey.”

After a substantial training school that lasted 6 months, Moreno enjoys that the tough work settled, despite the toll it might have handled his body in the long run.

“This training camp took three years off my life, but I don’t care,” Moreno stated. “I have the belt right now and that is the most important thing. I don’t have enough words to explain how I feel today.”

Moreno’s name will be permanently connected to history as the very first Mexico-born champ, something he is very pleased with achieving.

“That was one of my principal goals,” Moreno specified. “Obviously, I have so much respect for Cain Velasquez and Henry Cejudo. They put so much work in for my country, too. Cain Velasquez brought the UFC to Mexico in 2014. That was amazing. That put the mixed martial arts in Mexico on another level, but I (was) born in Tijuana. I grew up there, I went to school there. I suffered the bad opportunities, the f*cking government there, you know?”

The UFC has actually just recently concentrated on establishing skill in Latin America, and now that Mexico has an indisputable champ, Moreno’s win must raise the concentrate on Mixed Martial Arts.

“Huge companies don’t put support in the sports, especially mixed martial arts because it’s a new sport for the country,” Moreno discussed.

“I know with this belt, I put the sport on another level and that makes me feel amazing.”


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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.