Boulder Dash Deluxe Is Now Available For Windows 10, Xbox One, And Xbox Series X|S

THE retro video game and famous action puzzler for gamers young and more knowledgeable alike gotten here, integrating up-to date-graphics with initial video game functions – covering 35+ years of Rockford™ and his buddies, digging though caverns to gather gems – Stone Dash® Deluxe!

Produced by 2 Canadian developers in 1984, Stone Dash has actually turned into one of the longest running videogame franchises! The initial Stone Dash® is a pioneering interactive video game going back to the early times of the personal computer and computer game period. Its lots of follows up have actually thrilled and challenged casual and hard-core gamers of any ages and sexes for over almost 4 years.

Stone Dash® Deluxe takes you, together with the video game character called Rockford™ into a myriad of brand-new and interesting obstacles. Dig through incredible caverns with 3D components; prevent falling stones; gather important gems and prevent dubious opponents along the method. Discover treasure chests with unusual antiques and strong power-ups. Stone Dash Deluxe consists of 180 brand-new interesting and distinct levels. Plus, dig through 9 brand name brand-new worlds with high-end graphics and their own textures, dive into the Traditional 1984 World with its caverns or delight in The Liepa World; a set including 20 of the most mind-bending levels created by the developer of the initial 1984 Stone Dash variation and computer game legend Peter Liepa. And, if that’s insufficient, you will be challenged by 15 brand-new unique challengers varying from Octopus to Snow Tiger. Stone Dash® Deluxe genuinely is the peak in 35+ years of Stone Dash®!

While offering timeless Stone Dash® core gameplay mechanics and functions, Stone Dash® Deluxe presents interesting brand-new components such as diagonal motion, which opens brand-new and appealing puzzles while producing a really various and natural search for the caverns.

On top of famous previous variations, Stone Dash® Deluxe features consist of:
• 180 brand new levels with advanced functions!
• Consists of 20 levels from the initial 1984 Stone Dash variation
• 9 interesting, brand name spanking brand-new worlds with high-end graphics, having their own, distinct textures, go to Macmarnua Sea or Urath Castle – or back in time to the Traditional 1984 World with its caverns
• 15 brand-new unique challengers like Octopus, Shark Polar bear, and Snow tiger will keep your mind nimble and you on your toes
• The Liepa World, an exceptional world by videogame legend Peter Liepa who went back to the video game he produced 35 years earlier with 20 of the most mind-bending levels yet!
• Complete character modification of your video game character Rockford™, e.g. t-shirt, trousers, shoes, eyeglasses, headgear, hair, and facial hair
• Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Standard Chinese!

Stone Dash® is a hallmark of BBG Home entertainment GmbH, signed up in the United States, the European Union and other nations. Stone Dash® Deluxe™, the names and similarities of Rockford™, Crystal™ and Goldford™ are hallmarks of BBG Home entertainment GmbH. Stone Dash® Deluxe™ Copyright © 1984-2021 BBG Home Entertainment GmbH. All rights booked. The initial Stone Dash® was produced by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.