Bonehilda, The Sims’ best skeleton, has fans going wild

The Sims 4 might be a life simulation video game, however it gets quite unusual. Sims can go to work as an accounting professional, get feasted on by a Cowplant, date the Pale horse, and end up being a Star Wars character. Among the video game’s weirder additions of late is Bonehilda, a long time tradition character. The most recent Things Load is paranormal-themed, and gamers are attuning themselves to the afterlife so they can hang out with the very best skeleton house maid in all of video gaming.

Bonehilda is both weird (she’s a skeleton, and a consistent pointer of the inescapable skeleton war) and exceptionally practical. She satisfies the functions of a butler or a baby-sitter, looking after Sim kids and tidying up your house. She goes back to the initial The Sims and its Makin’ Magic growth pack from 2003. Ever since, she’s appeared in The Sims 3 and now The Sims 4. (For some factor, she continues the custom from previous video games of refraining from doing laundry, however that’s extremely relatable.)

There are just 2 drawbacks to this family assistant. One is that human house maids are horrified of Bonehilda and tend to leave the home. It’s frustrating that there isn’t uniformity going on there, however it’s easy to understand. The other regrettable thing is a carryover from previous video games: Bonehilda can’t hold any liquids she consumes, because she doesn’t have a stomach, so they simply struck the flooring. A minimum of she’ll ultimately clean it up, so that’s thoughtful.

It’s even possible to love Bonehilda and WooHoo with her. Some gamers are hurrying to summon Bonehilda through arcane, supernatural methods and after that charming her as rapidly as possible so they can change their Sim’s boring, regular, living-person love choices with a skeleton house maid. One routine even permits you to handle Bonehilda’s kind! The only thing much better than one Bonehilda is 2 Boneshilda.

If fans take Bonehilda into The Sims 4, there’s a frightening surprise awaiting them: a human variation of Bonehilda, which is interesting. Hilda — or Meathilda? — is a brand-new thing for gamers to puzzle over and dress up, and a motivation for fan material.

Eventually, Bonehilda is a little addition to The Sims 4, particularly compared to current growths with brand-new communities, universities, and structure functions. However these little looks from precious characters, and long-running daytime drama stories sprayed throughout the mundanity of daily life, bring The Sims to life. Or, in this case, undeath.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.