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Blush Boot Camp fitness studio to open Lenexa location

Blush Boot Camp

Blush Boot Camp, a fitness studio focused on creating a “welcoming” environment for women, is expanding to Lenexa. Above, Prairie Village studio franchisee Rita Haaraoja, right, and daughter Taylor, who will be the general manager at the new Lenexa location. Photo credit Juliana Garcia

Blush Boot Camp, a fitness studio focused on female empowerment, is opening another Johnson County location soon.

Where? Rita Haaraoja, the owner and franchisee of Blush’s Prairie Village location, which opened at the beginning of this year, now plans to open a second location at 8560 Maurer Road in Lenexa, next door to Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

The Lenexa pull: Haaraoja said Lenexa is growing, and Blush didn’t want to miss out.

  • Her husband scoped out the location, and she said he told her, “Lenexa is going to be good for us.”
  • Rita’s daughter Taylor will be the general manager of the new Lenexa location.
  • Taylor Haaraoja said the Lenexa location will maintain the same concept, feel and welcoming culture found at the Prairie Village location — and the only real difference aside from the city is that there will be different trainers.

Key quote: “Everyone always has something going on in their life,” Taylor Haaraoja said. “It’s cool to see what this place can offer them, the relief it can offer them. I’ve got single moms, I have people going through break ups, I have people coming from surgery, and they’re just looking for a place with no judgment — and this is the place for them.”

Blush Boot Camp
Blush Boot Camp offers several sessions a day, seven days a week. Owner Rita Haaraoja said the Prairie Village studio, above, can accommodate up to 25 people per session. File photo.

When will Blush Boot Camp open in Lenexa?

Taylor said the tentative opening date is Friday, Sept. 9.

  • Anyone interested in becoming a member at the Lenexa location can schedule an appointment via email, social media or walk-ins, Taylor said.
  • Taylor said childcare, daily sessions and monthly balance and body scans will remain the same at the Lenexa location.
  • The goal is still to ensure that “every single person that walks through the door feels welcome,” Taylor said.

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